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The route from Udon Thani to Muang Loei is an incline that winds its way up the mountains to the cooler Loei climate. Two people as one, at the start of their three night festive break, both harbouring different reasons for wanting to be there, but happy together as one.

Wonderful Wi’s reason was crystal clear, the annual Flower Show at Phu Rua gave her a great opportunity to buy flowers not available in Udon. A rare chance to buy potfuls of greenery and turn our car into a Flower Roadshow on our 150 plus kilometre drive back home. Safely home in our village the flowers, plants and trees would give her hours of joy working in the garden.

My reasons were quite simple. We had been to Loei a year or so back and had spent a lot of time looking at the flower gardens. This time I wanted to have a good mooch around the city, a few beers, check it out for my blog. Two very different agendas but only one would surface to the top. A battle of two desires, like a Wimbledon Tennis Final between two great athletes with very different styles, fought out on a hot summers day watched by a frenzied excitable sell out crowd.

We pulled out of a petrol station about one hours drive from Muang Loei, Wi spotted a flower garden and asked if we could go over and take a look. I didn’t mind and besides a refusal might result in a deft backhand and a volley…of choice words. I returned the serve safely. Ten minutes later and she’s agreed to pay 300 baht for two plotted plants and then turns to me with that cute face I can’t resist and says “husband I leave my purse in the car, can I bollow (borrow) sahm loi baht”…..Game and first set to Miss Wilai….Miss Wilai leads by one set to love.

The Sun Palace Hotel Muang Loei. We stayed here on our previous visit and found the staff very friendly and helpful.

The VIP suite has a living room, a fair sized bedroom and bathroom with a balcolny thrown in. I’m not sure what kind of VIP’s stay here but looking at the cigarette burns in the carpet, and feeling that the water is as luke warm as our last stay, I’d guess they leave in a beat up pick up on a wing and a prayer.

At 500 baht its fine by us and the added attraction for Wi is the Charcoal Restaurant situated on the hotel grounds, lovely food at lovely prices.

Arriving mid afternoon Wi needed to sleep off the long drive and I had to find a photo shop to get my pictures put on a CD. After chasing my tail around for a good while I finally got my disc.

The search for an internet cafe wasn’t too difficult but finding one with E drive access proved near impossible. I eventually completed my blog about 6 p.m and returned to the hotel. Showered we settled for a meal at the Charcoal Restaurant and I had my first drink of the day. Wi then went off for an early night and I checked out a few of my favourite sites on the hotel internet.

Today we visited Phu Rua and its colourful annual Flower Market with Wi’s excitement mounting with every click of the 50 kiometre trip. I don’t know much about flowers, but I have learnt in my years with Wi that it doesn’t look good walking around a flower garden clutching a can of beer. Another dry day for me. I gave Wi 4000 baht at the start of our short break to buy some flowers, boy she sure was buying. The rate she was piling pots and plants into our car I thought she was going to ask me for an overdraft. My desires submerged beneath those of another.

Tomorrow Wi has decided we are off to visit a Turkey farm. Fat chance of getting a drink there, I just hope the roast spuds are crispy……Game and second set to Miss Wilai….Miss Wilai leads two sets to love……….You cannot be serious man…the ball was #*#**# out man…you mother #*#**# the ball was out man.


I'm a sixty-year-old Englishman living in the town of Swindon in rural Wiltshire and I have a real deep desire to retire in Thailand one day. If you don't have a dream then you won't have a dream come true.

5 Responses

  1. martin says:

    At least you got to a duece (a beer) prior to losing the second set – Oh that’s bad humour – Sorry.

    Look forward to the turkey farm tale in due course.

  2. Mike says:

    HD Don’t forget its a game of two halves!

  3. Malcolm says:

    Great post, looks and sounds like you are really enjoying the holidays, sounds almost like a adventure. hope all is well with you and Wi and have a happy new year, great flower pics . Don’t forget to take lots of pics at the turkey farm. Malcolm

  4. frogblogger says:

    Sounds as if Wowee is looking after you wonderfully – that’s what it’s all about. Sigh…

  5. Hoo Don says:

    Thanks for all your comments and welcome aboard Malcolm.

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