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Flower and Bee

Today I am starting a review post which will look back at some of the best blogs that I have read over the previous month. The posts will come from the sites in my Blogroll sidebar, my reason being that they are the ones I view most often.

We start the monthly review with a post from Brit in Bangkok which has a report showing Thailand’s mistreatment of refugees and includes a photograph that seems to remove any reasons for doubt. Thailand Accused of Mistreating Refugees gives a view of a story that the Thai authorities could have done with not breaking out.

Pete Garwood the man behind the superb FrogBlog Thaidings is now back in France and missing Thailand like crazy, but that hasn’t stopped him from putting together a good cross cultural mix of Thai and French stories. Visit the Monts de Vaucluse plateau and enjoy French Air Force – like lambs to the slaughter.

The newest entry onto my blogroll is Life in rural Thailand. It follows the adventures and everyday life of  MeMock who lives in a small village in Ubon Ratchatani.  The story I particularly liked was one about a caged truck full of dogs. Interested… then try The bucket truck, a story that really intrigued me.

Next up is a blog site I reviewed on the social networking blog directory as  “Excellent blog full of information, humour and debate. Posted daily it’s a little bit like opening your favourite daily newspaper.My Thai Friend  is from the top drawer of Thai blog sites and if you need convincing then have a read of this one Excuse Me Bud Do You Speak English? read it and you could find yourself having another daily to view.

waterfallBan Wan Pho in Kanchanaburi Province is home to retiree Malcolm Burgess and Ciejay. They really do enjoy their life together and seemed to have developed a habit of bathing with elephants. Malcolm’s photo / blog  Retired In Thailand And Loving It  has photos from the couples latest trek to their rather large bathroom. I think you’ll enjoy Once Is Not Enough and it’s collection of lovely photographs.

You have probably all viewed the highly rated Thailand Land of Smiles, currently listed at number two in the Top 100 Thailand blogs. If you made a wish for 2009 then you are eight short of Talen’s Thailand Wishes for 2009, which also features a photo of a monk that should make you laugh.

Another popular blog is Ben Shingleton’s The Thai Pirate. Ben took a Christmas break back home in England and on his return his coffee shop venture took him to Don Chedi and the Anuson Concert – Message from the King, and a close shave with a Thai Elephant.  After a days work Ben and his crew head off and almost have their car flattened by an elephant. If you want to know the secret of how to make a perfect iced coffee, take a read of this one.

Moving away from Thailand and onto my World Blogroll,  Adullamite is a very humour laced blog from Scotland and the article I most enjoyed last month was Health & Safety, check it out. Wherever you stayed last Christmas it may have been cold but I doubt it was as bitterly cold as Bulgaria. Put your scarf and gloves on to read Water Returns – Then The Ice Strikes, from the countryside of Bulgaria and the delightful Bulgarian Slivatree – An Expatriates Eye In Bulgaria.

The French connection brings me to the last two of my sidebar blogs. The aptly named Frances, author of France And The Unknown is currently recuperating from a fall from one of her horses. Don’t make me laugh should put a smile on your face and a bookmark in your top bar. If your style of blog is wit mixed with a big spoonful of panache then look no further, The Vendée Blog is a must read for you. Being Kept Awake By Satanic Goldfish, And Other Tales From Ordinary Country Folk is in my opinion a very, very well written post.

Each month I am going to include a guest blog into my review. I am starting with A Malaysian Abroad a blog the more I view it, the more I like it. My selection for last month is Have you had your Yee Sang yet?

I hope you have enjoyed my January review and hopefully you’ll come back for the February edition.


Photograph         Waterfall     © Chanyut Sribua-rawd |

Photograph          Flower and Bee       © Suban Thapan |


I'm a sixty-year-old Englishman living in the town of Swindon in rural Wiltshire and I have a real deep desire to retire in Thailand one day. If you don't have a dream then you won't have a dream come true.

8 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    Hi Martyn. Now why oh why didn’t I think of this. Great idea good post and many thanks for the plug (again).

    Mike’s last blog post..Sex and University Students-Thailand

  2. Malcolm says:

    Martyn: Indeed you are the Man , thanks for the great review and plug , not just mine , but the other bloggers too,it does a heart good to hear what fellow bloogers think of each others post . And as a fellow blogger I give you a big FIVE STARS for your Beyond The Mango Juice. Dear Malcolm

  3. Malcolm says:

    Hope we come back for Febuary’s. post— . We’re hooked, we’re back every day to see what Great Pearls the wantabe reporter has to say , In all honesty,I think you missed your calling , but it’s never to late to start writting, when you get a chance and get some of that wit and humor and real life stuff published.

  4. martin in bulgaria says:

    Hi Martyn,

    You certainly know how to make people blush. I’m sure all you mention have turned a shade closer to red from this unselfish post.

    I hope work is going well your end, as they say here ‘Leka rabota!’ Take is easy at work!

    Warm regards
    Martin with an ‘i’

    martin in bulgaria’s last blog post..Bulgarian Soup Kitchen For All

  5. Talen says:

    Thank you very much for the kind words Martyn, but I don’t see what was so funny about that monks picture…

    Talen’s last blog post..Phuket International Blues Festival 2009

  6. *lynne* says:

    Thanks for the shout-out! Glad you enjoyed the Yee Sang post, and are enjoying your visits more and more 🙂 I hope to continue to keep you visiting 🙂

    *lynne*’s last blog post..Heaven and Hell – European stereotypes

  7. Hoo Don says:

    Thanks for all the above comments, I have really enjoyed reading the above posts and many others from my blogroll. Early results from my feedjit stats show a fair percentage of visitors are using the links, that’s good. Right now though I’ve got a serious problem.
    Wonderful Wi is threatening to visit my blog, a bit like a state visit.

    “, thursday, friday I want go internet, look your dia..reeee.”
    This means I may have to find the numerous mentions of and take out the dots.An absolute must do is to backtrack my blogs and insert Wonderful before every Wi and Wilai. I will also have to download an airbrush tool to touch up her photos and make her look 21. “, why you put pictures make me look ooold,” and I am currently bidding on ebay for a virtual red carpet.

    Must dash, such a lot to do….mind you if I copy and paste a moustache and glasses on her mothers photo…that just might save my day…great idea.

  8. Ariana says:

    Thanks for sharing…Yesterday I saw these funny pictures of cats,dogs…lovely pets indeed… they`re “kiling“ me 🙂 …Nice blog folks

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