Thailand Blogs – February 09 Review

Phu RuaBeyond The Mango Juice received over 1000 unique visitors in the month of February, the first time this site has passed that milestone and fantastic news for me. I’d like to say a big thank you to all my regular readers and I hope to surpass the magical figure again this month.  

Now let’s get straight into February’s review with Brit in Bangkok and a post that shows some bloggers do take time out to help others and My Students penned by the lovely Michelle proves just that.

FrogBlog Thaidings has been inactive this last month and I hope Peter Garwood is merely taking a break from adding his witty material to one of my favourite blogs. In an effort too try and entice Pete back to the keypads I’m going to include one of my favourite Frogblogger posts from last year, take a read of  the very funny Thai Tuck, Anyone ? which takes a look at the world of plastic surgery in Chiang Mai and a tuck of the ultimate kind.

MeMock has taken his wife and kids for a vacation in New Zealand and a chance to visit his family and friends. Strawberries and skydiving are on the menu so why not catch up on the latest from Life in rural Thailand and Trip to New Zealand.

There were lots of comments posted to the next blog on my monthly review. Are Thai ladies vital statistics getting bigger, that’s one of the questions answered in My Thai Friend and it’s look into some results of a survey of body scanning.  Thai Women – Most Beautiful in the World ? asks the question and received plenty of answers, a beautiful read and well worth a scan.

The Bucket List starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman hit the screens in 2007 and in the valley of Sai Yok, Kanchanaburi, Malcolm and Ciejay have been planning their own remake. Malcolm’s Bucket List and Ramblings is my pick of last month from Retired in Thailand and Loving It. From the Great Australia Outback to the Great Wall of China, Malcolm’s been filling his bucket and loving it.

Since I started blogging some six months ago I have seen some wonderful photographs. Beautiful, artistic, inspiring and just damn funny are words that describe many of them. Amazing is another. The photograph and story from Thailand, Land of Smiles and Fine Dining at the Bangkok Shell Station Revisited gives a whole new meaning to Meals on Wheels. Wind down your car window, throw out your safety manual and catch a load of this one.

Udon Thani Garden FlowersA wedding party in Thailand was the scene revisited by Ben Shillington and My Thai Pirate and boy could the locals drink. Ben struggles to keep pace with the Thai drinkers but does England proud by “Making It Through the Night” to finish the evening at a local nightclub. How Thai’s like to party – Thai Weddings has plenty of smiles in the photos.

Moving onto my World blogroll and a man whose desire to pass his driving test may end up with himself being driven away by the men from the funny farm. A very witty UK blog, Addulamite and Wednesday Fun left me wondering if driving lessons can drive you up the wall and round the bend.

A bad back and a visit to the doctors for me would involve a one week wait and a lecture on smoking. Alternatively why not take the Bulgarian route as Martin from Bulgarian Slivatree – An Expatriate’s Eye in Bulgaria did with A Miracle Cure – The Healing Stones of Skalista.  Life in rural Bulgaria is mapped out in an easy, gentle paced style and that’s what makes it another of my favourites.

Sometimes I wonder if my spellchecker really did pass its exams and Engrish Costumer ? from A Malaysian Abroad looks into the reasons why we sometimes make those spelling errors. Lynne is currently on vacation in Malaysia and why not catch up on her holiday tales with a visit to this very popular blog site.

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks but what about a cockerel. Lucky belongs to Frances author of France and The Unknown and you can take a look at the crazy cockerel and his party trick on video in this very amusing blog. It only takes a click to view the crazy chick in Lucky demonstrates A-lister cockerel lifestyle by the fire.

The Vendee Blog reports on some strange documentation that has been uncovered by the Mayor’s secretary in Neferous Deeds & Smarties. Someone has been putting their hand into the village council funds and Jon lays out the story with his distinct humour filled writing style.

My guest blog spot for February goes to A Singaporean in London whose offering includes an amazing YouTube clip of a man crossing a railway track. The escapee in Near Misses at At Train Level Crossings in the UK shows a man escaping death by millimetres. If the gentleman concerned is now walking around without a train time table in his back pocket then his family should make sure his life insurance is paid to date. A must view post.

I hope you enjoy the selected blogs from this months review and whilst you are on these sites have a good look around.They all have plenty more excellent posts covering a wide range of topics. Happy reading.


I'm a sixty-year-old Englishman living in the town of Swindon in rural Wiltshire and I have a real deep desire to retire in Thailand one day. If you don't have a dream then you won't have a dream come true.

7 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    HD thanks for the mention and some links I have not yet visited. I love the International feel to your reviews, long may they continue.

    Like you i hope that Pete (Frogblog Thaidings)is just having a well earned break.

    Mike’s last blog post..New Layout on the Way

  2. *lynne* says:

    Thanks again for the shout-out and compliments 🙂

    btw, your link to France and the Unknown in this post isn’t really there..

    … and i really like your monthly round-up. I may steal the idea… one day :p

    *lynne*’s last blog post..a malaysian abroad thanks her Top 10 Droppers for February 2009

  3. Malcolm says:

    WOW congradulations on 1000 hits in a mth , But of course all your blogging buddies knew all along you were one of the best of the best , now others are discovering you “yaa hoo.”.
    Your monthly review is just one of the things that makes your blog a winner , plus of course the “wannabe reporter” that write this post , keep up the great work, (thinking and imagineing)

    Thanks for the good review and glad you give me a read and a comment often, makes my day. Malcolm

    Malcolm’s last blog post..A Family Affair

  4. Bodhi says:

    I’ll echo Malcolm. 1000 hits/mth is impressive and worth celebrating.

    It’s amazing how I just got into this whole blogging thing. And despite the, literally, millions of bloggers out there from all walks of life and places in the world. I immediately got wrapped up in this little community of bloggers.

    I know you might not know me. Since I haven’t blogged all that much. But I got turned on through Village Falang. And followed his comments to what has turned out to be a relatively small, select group of bloggers that live in thailand, or want to live there, and all hold the same ideals for present life and the future.

    Sorry to be remarking, but I find it fascinating that out of the amazing amount of bloggers out there. I find myself wrapped up in your inner circle of blogs, and bloggers. and friends. Cause you all seem more friends than random bloggers.

    You read each other. You comment on each other. You reference each other. Outside of the analytics anonymous data. You seem to be a pretty close knit community.

    Glad I’ve found myself here among you.


    Bodhi’s last blog post..Fearless

  5. Talen says:

    I have a feeling before long you’ll be talking in the tens of thousands of hits.

    As Mike said…thanks for the inclusion and bringing other blogs to my attention that I might not have found.

    There seems to be a snake story missing from the monthly round up though!

    Talen’s last blog post..Briton Hauls in Record Fresh Water Stingray

  6. Mike says:

    HD I have to come back in on this one, I think Bodhi sums up nicely what our little community is all about, its funny how things develop. I also agree with Talen that the snake deserved a mention!!

    Long may we all continue (snakes willing).

    Mike’s last blog post..Its OK to Cheat in Thailand!

  7. Hoo Don says:

    Mike – The community does seem to be growing all the time and that’s a good thing. I for one enjoy going around the blogs on my sidebar, long may the community continue.

    Lynne – It won’t be a steal at all, I will enjoy reading your monthly round up. I am sure there will some really good sites that I can continue going back to.

    Malcolm – Thanks for another lovely comment. I really did enjoy reading your Bucket List post and it got me thinking for a long time after, that’s a sign of a very good post.

    Bodhi – Welcome to the community, I have added you to my World Blogroll. I am sure you are going to be a very active member of our club.

    Talen – I don’t think I’ll ever be talking in the tens of thousands of hits, if I can double my present number to 2000 then I’ll be very happy. I’m looking forward to your posts from Thailand as I know how much you’re excited about your return home.

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