A Reason To Dye For

Gold1As the world recession bites even deeper, job losses are mounting as the credit crunch takes its inevitable toll. People everywhere in the world are combating the fear of losing everything they have worked so hard for in the past with the use of desperate measures and cunning means.

I was alerted to a recent article in the British tabloid newspaper the Daily Express which “highlighted” one method British women are turning to in an attempt to ward off the threat of losing their jobs and joining the growing army of British job-seekers.

Blonde haired women are returning to their “roots” and dyeing their hair brown in an effort to be taken more seriously at their workplace and stave off the threat of redundancy. Dumb blonde and blonde moment could be words of the past in the British workplace as the brunette and dark haired girl get the admiring looks for their academic skills and not their high heels. So have we heard the last of such gems as the one below.

What do you call an intelligent blonde?    A Golden Retriever.

The Daily Express article went on to say that independent researchers found that 62 per cent of workers believed that brunettes had a much more professional look around the workplace compared to their blonde counterparts. So how do the black haired females of Thailand rate in the professional stakes.

BangkokA report in The Nation last month stated from another independent source that worldwide only 24 per cent of women held senior management positions in companies compared to 38 per cent in Thailand. This above average figure ranked Thailand in 3rd position globally behind the top ranked women of the Philippines and Russia.

The report from consultants and auditors company Grant Thornton offers reasons as to why the Thai ladies rank so high. Strong commitment and determination are leading factors alongside attention to detail and being good listeners, but no mention at all of their dark coloured hair. Outside of the executive offices and free lunches how does the gentler sex shape up in modern day Thailand.

The late 20th century saw Thailand become one of the worlds top tourist hot-spots and with it came an evergreen forest of dollars and bucks. Tourists and expats have shifted land ownership in Thailand into the hands of many Thai ladies, proving that blondes have more fun but black’s the one when it comes to bricks and mortar. A case of Clever Trevor and Smart Alec handing over the keys of the Soi to Noi.

When it comes to the ladies of this world are your thoughts female or finance, does the hair that they wear mean blonde for fame and dark for brain. The Thai girl, from the smart class or a dumb lass?


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I'm a sixty-year-old Englishman living in the town of Swindon in rural Wiltshire and I have a real deep desire to retire in Thailand one day. If you don't have a dream then you won't have a dream come true.

6 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    Martyn your post got me playing around with Thai words.

    Now I think you use Noi as a name in the article but did you know is just a polite word with no real meaning in Thai a bit like krap?

    Which spelled differently might be applied to my attempt to match your humour with my comment.

    Whenever I think blonde I picture Marilyn Monroe with here skirt being wafted up by hot air!

    Mike’s last blog post..Thai Massage

  2. Malcolm says:

    As you know ,it is against the law to discrimanate,in America for any reason , but !!!! behind closed doors in the jewerly store that I managed for the last few years ,before the LOS , we had a understanding in management that goes as follows.
    1.–BLONDES FOR THE MEN , as they shop and buy with their eyes only, among other things.
    2.–BRUNETTES FOR THE LADIES,as the buy with their hearts and pocket book and they think, brunettes are smarter and more likely to tell them the truth.
    3.- And a cute little Mexician or Aisian for the younger couples or men , I don’t know why but ,It worked evey time, Management always sent the , girl or man for the job, so to speak,Oh I almost forgot and handsome yong man for the silly girls, they’ll buy anything if he winks at them . ha ha ha .
    In business as you must know it’s all about, how you market the product and hair color and looks play a big part. . In Thailand you don’t see any fat,dark, ugly girls or men used to market any thing even in the soaps ,except comedy. And a lot of the farang men that come to Thailand are here, a lot of times just to get away from the Blondes. Malcolm

    Malcolm’s last blog post..When is a Orchid more than a Orchid

  3. Malcolm says:

    Martyn, ,almost forgot, I want to comment about the per centage of women in management in Thailand as oppose to the rest of the world .Surely you must know by now that most big and money making businesses in Thailand are owned and run and managed ny folks of Chinese descent , and we all know that Mamason is in charge of all major finances in China.Next time you go in a Gold store looks who is holding the purse.

    Malcolm’s last blog post..When is a Orchid more than a Orchid

  4. Hoo Don says:

    Mike – I mean Noi as in the ladies nickname and no I wasn’t aware of the polite word, but thanks for the information. In the heat of April I should put all thoughts of Marilyn Monroe to one side until the rainy season.

    Malcolm – A very interesting tale about the jewelry business and something I hadn’t considered before. The marketing strategy starts behind the shop counter, amazing.The Chinese have a very big influence in Thailand but as far as gold stores go I try and distract young Wilai whenever we walk past them, doesn’t always work though.

  5. Martin In Bulgaria says:

    Hi Martyn,

    There is a lot to be said about blonde versus brunette in terms of business acumen. Unfortunately it is not a science therefore not conclusive with the results, although the picture painted seems to suggest it is. I think it also there is another part of the equation and that is to do with bust size, a very tasty subject which should be considered next perhaps.

    Martin In Bulgaria’s last blog post..The Worms That Turned To Bulgaria

  6. *lynne* says:

    Have you watched Choke? There’s one scene where the main character and his friend are at a strip joint, and the MC tells the dancer she should get that mole on her thigh looked at, what with her being blonde and all, there’s a higher risk of it being malignant. Next time they go, she’s dyed her hair brunette so that the cancer risk is reduced. I just watched the movie today – I sill think that was one of the best lines of the movie 🙂

    *lynne*’s last blog post..Malaysia in the Movies: Michelle Yeoh

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