Thailand Blogs – March 09 Review

Boats at the beachWelcome to the blog review for March. Last month saw many quality Thailand blog posts hit the screens around the globe, once again proving what a colourful and topical place the Land of Smiles is.

I have never visited Chiang Mai before and it’s one destination I intend adding to my “places visited” list sometime in the not to distant future. Michelle from Brit in Bangkok joined up with her friend Tua and the two of them enjoyed a three day break in the famous northern city. Chiang Mai – First day is the start of a tour around a city with so much on offer.

The monthly review stays in Chiang Mai for another classic post from the currently inactive Frogblog Thaidings. Fingers crossed that the penned wit of Peter Garwood will back and blogging in April. My pick from last year takes a look at a little bit of the Chiang Mai night scene in Celebrity fun and games in Chiang Mai.

Sad times for MeMock after the death of his father in law. MeMock writes a great tribute to a great man who will never be forgotten…” He had never travelled further then Ubon, 101 kms away. Never seen the beach, a mountain range, snow etc but he didn’t want to (we tried) He knew where he belonged and he was happy with his lot…..”   Living in rural Thailand and a very moving post Por Yai, a great man.

It’s now time for a walk down Quality Street and open the door to one of the Thai blog communities top sites, and we best get inside before nightfall. A full moon can do strange things to some people and that certainly was the case in Mad Dogs and Thai Women, a funny and well scripted offering from My Thai Friend

Pile of orangesOnly the rich and lucky people become ex pats, you’d be way wide of the mark if that was your avenue of thoughts. Malcolm and Ciejay had to get fruity and put in a lot of hard work before they left America’s shores and settled in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. Money For The Big Move To Thailand 2004 is a post from the host of great stories, Malcolm at Retired in Thailand and Loving It.  

Cell phones are getting more advanced and complicated with each passing year. The costs are getting higher to, but that doesn’t stop every Thai lady from wanting the ultimate must have accessorie, especially more so when they’ve just damaged the last one. Thailand, Land of Smiles keeps it simple with a smashing post that everyone can relate to with Thai Girls and Their Cell Phones showing why author Talen and his blog are currently number two in the rankings of the Top 100 Thailand Blogs.

A dog maybe man’s best friend but how does a snake react to a chance meeting with our canine buddies. The Thai Pirate published a lot of high quality posts last month and my pick of the bunch is Snake bites in Thailand. Poor little Pinky

World mapA 12 hour flight to London and we drop in on my World Blogroll. A shopping trip that has a basket full of wit, have a read of Early Mornings from the very funny Adullamite.

Chicago is our next stop and A Malaysian Abroad written by the energetic and bubbly Lynne. Born in Malaysia and now living in the USA, Have you eaten your 21 kilos of cheese? must have connections to her half blood Swiss roots.

Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates is home at present to the much traveled Bodhi Bum. Fearless looks back over the years and is a post of self examination and doubts. A good thoughtful post in which the author questions whether he will ever recapture his sense of adventure of previous years. 

Bulgaria is our next stop off and the town of Yambol on the banks of the Tundza. Martin the man behind the ever popular Bulgarian Slivatree – An Expatriates Eye in Bulgaria is on top of the world right now after securing a plot of prime farming land in Yambol town. However his wife’s grandmother Baba caused a stir back in their household after a trip to the local shop to find a cure for her troubled legs. Two Tonics in One tells the story and proves that no matter what your age, a good laugh is the best remedy of all.

A double pit stop is required in France for the final two blogs in my World Blogroll. Frances and her blog France And The Unknown celebrates the end of Winter and the start of a new season with her husband and their animals, in Spring Explosions.

With his wife and eldest daughter away in Manchester, Jon is left at home in The Vendée, west central France to look after their two year old girl. White Nights & Vanilla Ice is a big serving of humour from The Vendée Blog.

My guest spot for this month goes to Women Learning Thai. Catherine went along to The Impact Arena in Bangkok to see the legend himself Rod Stewart in concert. Catherine posts an excellent review of  ” Hot Legs ” entertaining the crowd with all his famous hits in Rod Stewart Does Bangkok, couldn’t have put it better myself.

That’s it from the Beyond The Mango Juice team with me and my shadow signing off from the March review. Chok dee krap.



Photograph     Boats at the Beach      © Lars Christensen |

Photograph      Pile of oranges        © Lars Christensen |

Photograph      World Map        © Vertes Edmond Mihai |


I'm a sixty-year-old Englishman living in the town of Swindon in rural Wiltshire and I have a real deep desire to retire in Thailand one day. If you don't have a dream then you won't have a dream come true.

11 Responses

  1. *lynne* says:

    Wow, Malcom’s post about how he and his wife ended up in Thailand was amazing! tried to leave a comment there to tell him so, but couldn’t figure out how 🙁 Hopefully he’ll see my reaction here 🙂

    p/s: bubbly? me? LoL! 🙂


    *lynne*’s last blog post..Public Holidays, Festivals and Events in April

  2. Malcolm says:

    Martyn, thanks for the great review of blogs you follow , we certainly have a varied and mix bunch of writers in our Thai community, and all with a different take on life and living , but one tread that runs thru them all, is a love for their families, and new families, and a great love and excitement about living in Thailand the LOS and all the new adventures we find, and many times, right in our own backyard.
    Thanks for the kind review of Retired in Thailand and Loving It, never in my life did I think I would enjoy something as much as I enjoy writing these little stories. And how I do so look foward to reading all the daily, post from our close friends we have made blogging in and about Thailand.And also all the folks from around the world that read and comment about our post. Thanks again. Malcolm

    Malcolm’s last blog post..MONEY FOR THE BIG MOVE TO THAILAND 2004

  3. Martin In Bulgaria says:

    Hi Martyn,

    Some good positive reviews given here. It’s always interesting to read reviews after I have read the posts – Absolute no frabrication in all your accounts of this friendly blogging community.

    You are a prolific writer, so can I ask whether you use a speller checker or whether you are word perfect first off? If you do use a spelling aid, which one is it? I have great problems getting it right thrid fourth or even fifth time round even with online spelling support. And of course my dyslexia doean’t help

    Martin In Bulgaria’s last blog post..Skalitsa Village Farm – Planning Crops

  4. Mike says:

    Martyn a great review with a couple of new links to check. I really think I ought to point everyone to my favourite post on your blog this month and there have been some good ones but Soi Dog Millionaires took it for me. (providing you understand Thai polotics)

    Thanks for your kind words and link.

    Mike’s last blog post..Thai Lottery and a Gecko

  5. Hoo Don says:

    Thanks to all the above comments, some very kind words and points of view.
    Martin I do actually use a built in WordPress spellchecker which picks up the odd word that’s spelt incorrectly. My spelling is not to bad, it’s my grammar that needs a lot of working on.

  6. Talen says:

    Martyn, Thanks again for the kind words and links. I think you should add your posts to the monthly review as well. Maybe the post that got the most comments or hits…I would have to say “Tell me Why” was one of my favorites this month.

    Talen’s last blog post..Chinatown After the Rain

  7. Hoo Don says:

    Mike thanks for the plug about Soi Dog Millionaires. Episode Two coming sometime this month.

    Talen thanks for the suggestion but I will keep it as it is for the moment. Pattaya, sweet.

  8. Catherine says:

    Martin, Thank you so much for the mention of WLT and apologies for coming in late. My life has been a but crazy as I’m trying to get everything done before hopping offstation.

    Scrolling down your list, I realise that I know everyone here except for Lynn (waving at Lynn :-). Nice!

    Catherine’s last blog post..Part One: Happy Songkran Day

  9. Catherine says:

    Sigh… I have a thing about snafuing your comments. But I guess I could have written butt instead.

    But it actually has been butt crazy 😉

  10. Michelle says:

    Hey Martyn, thanks for including my blog posts on Chiang Mai – just discovered them. And you’ve GOT to go to Chiang Mai the next time you’re in Thailand, it’s much much nicer than Bangkok. If I could make decent money there, I’d move in a second. Great food, lots to do, fabulous shopping and even friendlier people 🙂

    Oh and as for the comment you left on my blog – no, there’s no such thing as “too much shopping”. If I go one day without shopping it’s a bloody miracle. But I keep telling myself I’m helping the Thai economy, LOL.

    When are you coming back to Thailand?

    Michelle’s last blog post..Back to Normal

  11. Hoo Don says:

    I’ll be back in Thailand on May 13th and I’m really looking forward to it. Hope you find the perfect job opportunity to take your chance in Chiang Mai.

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