Thailand Blogs – April 09 Review

protestsWhat a month April was and for all the wrong reasons in Thailand. Red shirt protests in Bangkok and Pattaya saw the cancellation of the ASEAN conference in the coastal resort and the army was sent in to disperse protesters in Bangkok.

Things seem to have calmed down at the moment and let’s all hope it stays that way. A bad month for Thailand at a time when the country was about to celebrate the Thai New Year with the Songkran Festival.

This months blog review looks back at a month that once again saw some good quality writing and I’m going to start things off with a blog that is new to my Thai Blogroll.

The Red Shirt protests were covered in a real journalistic fashion by Catherine, author of Women Learning Thai. Catherine headed off to Victory Monument in the heart of Bangkok via the Skytrain and then set off to take a close up view of the political turmoil that had beset Thailand’s capital city. Red Shirts at Victory Monument is an excellent account of a sad chapter in Thailand’s history.

Bangkok was also the setting for Michelle in April after her short break in Chiang Mai the previous month. A working girl has to make time for lunch and Michelle tries out what is in her work friends words ” the best mango and sticky rice in town.” Tuck into Making Mango and Sticky Rice at Brit in Bangkok.

There are many ways to make your fortune but down in Prachuap Kiri Khan Province a rather strange method was enlisted. Winning their National Lottery is the dream of every Thai but the possibility of having to share your winnings with a reptile comes into play with this winning formula from My Thai Friend and Thai Lottery and a Gecko. An amusing post that might net you a fortune.

You have to put in a lot of hard work to pay for a holiday and when you get there it’s a chance to relax and take things easy…. Talen and Thailand, Land of Smiles have a different idea on that one. Talen puts away his beach towel and picks up his hoe and basket to head for the rice fields in Thailand’s Killing Fields, this was definitely one of my favourite posts in April.

Songkran Festival

The above photograph is from last months Songkran Water Festival and The Thai Pirate gives a good account of a traditional Songkran day in Songkhran dinner and festivities. Beer and food flow almost as much as the water does during Songkran festivities but there’s also the elder generation to pay respect to. Ben and Sutiya take a trip to her grandmother’s house and Ben takes it easy on the alcohol but a little too heavy on the water.

Staying with the Songkran Festival theme takes us to Kanchanaburi and Malcolm and Ciejay. Malcolm has lived in Thailand for over five years and has in the past viewed Songkran like so many other ex pats do as a time to bolt the front door and reappear when it’s all over. Not so this year. Malcolm unbolts the door and gets out and about in HAVING FUN the second time around and discovers that Songkran is a wet but fun time of the year in Thailand. As always Retired in Thailand and Loving It attaches some lovely photographs to the post.

MeMock spent much of his time on business in Laos last month and he was becoming tired of his Ground Hog Day existence. Laos also celebrates its New Year in April and like Thailand it has a water festival to bring in the new year. Life in rural Thailand celebrates the start of a new year in New Year, Laos style.

Songkran FestivalAnother new blog in my sidebar is from a province in Thailand where my heart truly lies. If you are considering moving abroad then expat Udon thani covers this subject in expats plan your move carefully. The post answers a lot of questions about the confusing issues of moving abroad and is a well worth a look. The blog itself is region specific and gives a good grounding to anyone wishing to visit Udon Thani.

Moving on to my World Blogroll and the saying save the best to last. In my opinion Martin at Bulgarian Slivatree – An Expatriates Eye In Bulgaria has done exactly that with his final post of the month. A spooky story awaits you in A Classic Bulgarian Misunderstanding. Martin has a very popular blog site and if you aren’t on the bandwagon then jump on it with this amusing story.

A history lesson is on the cards at Adullamite in Half Hangit Maggie. Graeme goes back to the 1720’s and looks at the hanging of Mussleburgh lass Margaret Dickson. If you are heading for Chicago then first check out A Malaysian Abroad. Chicago based Lynne offers Top 10 (FREE) things to do in Chicago this summer. With the credit crunch in full swing you can save yourself a few dollars with a flying visit to this post.

A very quiet month on the blogging front from Frances and France and the Unknown. Frances has just taken up a new work opportunity and she explains all in A sweet and sour month.  A school’s annual dinner is the topic for The Vendee Blog and Dancing Queens & A Nasty Case Of Furry Tongue. Jon narrates the tale with his usual charm and wit.

My guest blog spot for April goes to Jade and Life of a Filipina Blogger. Jade is now living in Holland but recently she took a holiday back to the Philippines and she takes a look at country life in The Rural Life Part I.

That’s all from the April monthly blog review and best wishes for May from Beyond The Mango Juice.


Photograph     Din Daeng Protests     by interactimages

Photograph       Songkran Festival      by Wyndham

Photograph      Single motorcyclist      by Wyndham


I'm a sixty-year-old Englishman living in the town of Swindon in rural Wiltshire and I have a real deep desire to retire in Thailand one day. If you don't have a dream then you won't have a dream come true.

10 Responses

  1. Martin In Bulgaria says:

    Hi Martyn,

    Like you say a very busy month of April. Lots to get through on this post – Some great picks chosen!

    Thanks for the dig, I’ll get the special rakia out if ever you are in the area 🙂

    Take it easy

    ps nice to see fund arriving for you on PW!

    Martin In Bulgaria’s last blog post..A Classic Bulgarian Misunderstanding

  2. Hoo Don says:

    As long as the rakia tastes better than lao khao does then you’re on. My Project Wonderful ad slot was showing a 20 cents advert last night so I emailed the person and questioned their sanity and said I think you meant to input 2 cents. They quickly rectified their mistake but didn’t have the manners to return my mail. Bas*ard.

  3. Malcolm says:

    Martyn, great post and review , and yes April was quite a month , some good some bad , but all in all a good time to be alive , as the ole saying goes . Thanks for the mention of my blog. Maybe we will see you this month somewhere ,sometime, in Thailand. And for both you Martin’s you have never tasteed anything as good as our mangosteen whiskey. wow is it good . I have a bottle ageing just for you . Malcolm

    Malcolm’s last blog post..FRIENDS, FAMILY, and MANGOS

  4. Catherine says:

    Martyn, I love these monthly reviews you write as they give me a chance to catch up on my fellow bloggers if I’ve been too busy.

    This month was indeed a crazy one for Thailand.

    Now off to read the others you’ve mentioned…

    Catherine’s last blog post..Pictures: When They Can’t Speak Thai…

  5. Hoo Don says:

    Malcolm I’m sure the three M’s could demolish a bottle or two of your fine mangosteen whiskey.Sorry I deleted your original comment but that was the result of some brand new Wiltshire beer, one too many I’m afraid. Have a most enjoyable day and I hope this month is a good one for you, Ciejay and Thailand.

  6. Mike says:

    Martyn just to add my thanks a little belatedly.

    Just got back from shopping and believe me it is hot here at the moment!

    I too enjoy the reviews as it is always good to see some links that are not in my reader.

    Mike’s last blog post..Thai Garden:Weekly Update (5)

  7. Hoo Don says:

    Catherine – I was so pleased that you dropped you’re comment in because I then clicked on your link in the review and discovered it wasn’t working, a few others were not either. Apologies for that and I hope you enjoyed reading some of the blogs.

    Mike – I am hoping to get a little of the Thai hot weather very soon. Thanks for once again dropping by BTMJ and dropping in a comment. I had a look at your Bucket List blog this morning and it appears to be shaping up rather well.

  8. Jade says:

    Ohh wow thanks for the guest spot but if I may make some corrections – I am currently living in Singapore and I used to live in Holland 😉

    Jade’s last blog post..The story behind Me and my Colorful Life

  9. 🙂 Haha Great stuff HooDon

    Ben Shingleton’s last blog post..The Chris Kays Memorial Rugby Tournament 2009 – Great weekend had by all

  10. Hoo Don says:

    Ben thank you for dropping by and I hope you haven’t got too many aches and pains from your rugby.

    Jade my apologies for getting your country of residence wrong and as for the guest spot, no problem I think your blog is a great read.

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