The Buffalo Boys


The Buffalo Boys


Cola and RabbitI read a post a while back on Thai Girl that posed the question as to why the younger generation of Thai people so often make a raised two fingered V pose in their photographs.

Well the fad has certainly caught on because rabbits have started doing it, see for yourself in the photograph above. I say rabbit…but I’m not so sure because it’s one of the fattest and weirdest looking ones I’ve ever seen.

Looking at the size of it would make the hungriest of pythons consider practicing jaw stretching exercises or yodeling before attempting a lunch that might induce myxomatosis rather than heartburn. Of course that’s assuming the python can get past the ever alert guard dog Cola

Rabbit  the rabbit spends most of his time locked away in his cage because Wonderful Wi is convinced that the other dog in the top photograph Gaan is taking yodeling lessons himself. 

ColaCola continues to spend most of his young life in the horizontal position rather than the upright pose. If Cola sleeps too much more in the afternoon sun then I’m expecting to be greeted on my return to our village house by a straw dog rather than a puppy dog. Get a life Cola  that’s sticky rice you’re eating not benzodiazepines (sleeping drugs). Cola  is pictured on the right in a rare vertical stance but by the look of things he appears to be in the process of settling back down for an afternoon nap.

Wilai says that Cola  does occasionally have a run around the garden and has quite a turn of foot, more so than his fellow puppy Gaan.  Of the two pups Gaan is the more adventurous and does escape from the garden from time to time but quickly returns, afterall it’s a big bad world out there and with beef, pork, chicken, sticky rice and milk on the menu you wouldn’t want to miss out.

The Buffalo Boys are the junior members of the Buffalo Gang whose membership is made up by myself, Wilai and her mother. The gang has the rather affectionate name due to me christening the soi (street) our house is in, Soi Buffalo. This rather endearing name comes about from having to continually weave my way around buffalo droppings on the road to the nearest village shop.

While writing this post I popped out into a warm and sunny English afternoon and had a few beers at my local. I also made a telephone call to Wilai that bore significance to this story. For weeks I have been teasing her that she couldn’t call a rabbit by the name of Rabbit….during our phone call she told me a new name had now been chosen. The rabbit is now called Noo (mouse), apparently he reminds Wilai of a mouse. Wilai that’s the biggest bloody mouse I’ve ever seen. To me he’s still Rabbit  the rabbit. 

Gaan and NooI am looking forward to my trip to our village house sometime this month and a chance to meet the Buffalo Boys. A trip en route to the village will involve a stop at Tesco Lotus and a chance for me to buy a few treats for the two puppies and mouse. Carrots, dog biscuits and squeaky toys will be somewhere near the top of the shopping list.

Finally if you need any convincing that Gaan  is indeed a wannabe yodeler then take a look at the photo on the right. Cola is once more in his guard dog position and Gaan seems to be eyeing up Rabbit . Have you got a caption for the photo. Here’s my rather lame effort.

” They reckon mouse tastes a lot like rabbit, think I might give it a go……yodel, yodel, day, dee….”

All the best and stay your way. Hoo Don.


I'm a sixty-year-old Englishman living in the town of Swindon in rural Wiltshire and I have a real deep desire to retire in Thailand one day. If you don't have a dream then you won't have a dream come true.

12 Responses

  1. malcolm says:

    THEY SAY IT TASTE JUST LIKE CHICKEN At least thats what my mom always told us to get us to eat rabbitt stew. Looks like you can change the name of thet place to the Buffalo zoo , you need to get there quick to stop the invasion ha ha Malcolm

  2. Mike says:

    Martyn sadly the tale you tell and imply has just happened here to Lucky MTF’s rabbit since I found him a week ago being consumed head first by Sitar (the castrated one).

    You certainly can’t trust the soi dogs they are chancher’s and we had only left Lucky in the garden a short while when one of them must have jumped in and took the luckless rabbit for a walk in his mouth!

    Since Sitar can’t jump the wall an element of team work must have been involved. So Thom and Sitar are no longer on my Christmas card list!

    Mind you MTF and I did give him a Buddhist send off making a funeral pyre of fallen coconut branches and burning the bits I managed to salvage from Sitar!

    So tell WW to keep rabbit or should I say mouse away from even the pups!

    Mike’s last blog post..Driving in Thailand:Applying for a Thai Drivers Licence.

  3. Hoo Don says:

    Malcolm – Sorry I’m late replying but work got in the way again. Wi has assured me that’s it on the pet front, 3 is enough. I’m not sure I could eat a pet rabbit. Cheers cowboy.

    Mike – So sorry to hear the news about Lucky, I take it the soi dogs are now barred from your garden. Nice to see you gave him a good Buddhist send off and I will definitely pass the story on to WW. Thanks.

  4. Ratty says:

    The dog does seem to be sizing up the rabbit. Too bad it doesn’t just assume it’s another dog.

    Ratty’s last blog post..Back To Nature

  5. Hoo Don says:

    Ratty – I hope Noo doesn’t end up similar to the frog in your post, though I doubt Gaan could open his mouth that wide. Cola apparently looks on the rabbit as a fellow puppy the reason being that they were brought together at a very young age. Fingers crossed that it don’t get messy. Best wishes.

  6. Frances says:

    I love the name ‘rabbit’ for the rabbit although ‘noo’ is very cute – maybe ‘rabbit noo’ although that does rhyme with rabbit stew and people will take great delight reminding you of this – which is NEVER funny if you own a rabbit.

    I am almost certain that this bunny is a lion head! Here’s a link to the American lion head website:

    Not long now ’til you see Wilai and your growing animal family. Bet you can’t wait!

    Frances’s last blog post..I got back on!!

  7. Hoo Don says:

    Frances – Thank you for taking a look at Rabbit and I have checked out the site you linked. He definitely looks like a Lionhead rabbit and the breed is originally from England, what more can I say. The site mentions that this breed can have problems with epilepsy which touchwood will not happen to Noo. Thank you very much,

  8. Damn, I’ve just read two entire posts eagerly looking forward to solving the two-fingered photo mystery, and I’m none the wiser!

    Still, I do like doggy stories so I’ll let you off 😉

    Pete, frogblogger’s last blog post..Kuen Ban Mai, a house blessing, Yasothon

  9. Frances says:

    Yes I think Noo is a Lionhead. Maybe there is something preventative from the vet you could give him to help reduce the risk of him contracting epilespy…?

    Frances’s last blog post..I got back on!!

  10. Hoo Don says:

    Pete – I’m still trying to solve the mystery myself but on my coming trip I’m determined to find out exactly what it means.

  11. Hoo Don says:

    Frances – I will look further into the epilepsy thing on the internet. Thanks.

  12. AndrewBoldman says:

    I really liked this post. Can I copy it to my site? Thank you in advance.

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