Thailand Blogs – May 09 Review

Village gardenMay was a big month for myself having spent three weeks in Thailand and enjoying myself to the full.

It was a relatively quiet month for Thailand in general, however this did not stop the Thai blog scene from once again turning out some first rate material. The photographs in this month’s review are from Wonderful Wi’s village garden.

There are two sides to a coin but what about a policemen. Frogblog Thaidings gives an affirmative to the latter point in the very funny Thai sense of humour?  A very funny picture post that had myself and Wilai laughing for a good few hours.

An ingenious post from Thailand, Land of Smiles looks at the quick fix and ingenuity of the Thai people. Thai Ingenuity also poses a simple question but the answer is not so easy.  The poser was Beyond My Mango Juice but what about yours, click on the title and give it a go.

Northeast Thailand is where my heart pines to be but who do the Isaan ladies of this rural region want to pin their heart on. Thai Women Prefer Englishmen has all the answers in another excellent daily dose from My Thai Friend.

Picture the scene. You are crossing a bridge over a flowing river and you glance down to see baby elephants being taught how to swim. A once in a lifetime experience but one that Malcolm and Ciejay witnessed in Teaching The Babies To Swim, another beautiful photo attached post from Retired In Thailand and Loving It.

Next up is a blog that is steadily rising up the Top 100 Thai Blogs chart. The Thai Pirate continues to regularly publish quality stories ranging from the factual to the downright funny. Thai Cambodian Border Run – Where am I going wrong? offers a little bit of both and shows that at times expats can find  themselves a ” little wet behind the ears ” and fall prey to the scammers that trawl the border posts.

Catherine took a May vacation to Europe and on her return she visited Samut Songkhram Province which is known for it’s abundance of Thai temples. Happy Birthday Celebrations: Thai Temple Style looks around the temples and discovers the Nine Birth Star ceremony. Women Learning Thai explains it all with the usual grace and charm from author Catherine.

Village gardenIf you find yourself in Ubon Ratchatani and the hunger pangs are calling then get yourself down to Peppers Bakery and Cafe, where Life in rural Thailand host MeMock has gone into a business partnership. Peppers Bakery and Cafe, Ubon Ratchatani gives you a guided photographic tour of the plush premises.

Moving on to the World blogroll and we start with a snake story from Bulgarian Slivatree – An Expatriates Eye in BulgariaSnakes Galore In Bulgaria Right Now tells the story of how a hot day in the office can attract the most unwanted of visitors.

A Malaysian Abroad tracks down arguably the best pizza in the USA. Chicagoland: home of GQ-America’s best pizza? relates out Alan Richman of GQ magazine sampled 386 pizzas before delivering his verdict on the best tasting American pizza.

A woman rescued at sea and a rather large gas bill are two of the amusing stories covered by Adullamite in True Reports from British Life….!!! BRITISH NEWSPAPERS another witty entry from this highly polished British blog.

They say that if you fall off a bicycle then the best advice is to jump straight back on it, but what about a horse. After suffering serious back injuries brave Frances finally takes to the saddle again in I got back on!! France and The Unknown relates how a woman’s love of horses will overcome the most serious doubts of confidence and conquer those inner fears.

The Vendée Blog  serves up another fine slice of humour in On The Wonder Of Bonnie a tale of how mans best friend the ever lovable dog can sometimes take a leap too far.

This months guest blog spot goes to Jonny Foreigner and a passionately written blog titled Thai hospitality  ” Thai hospitality is legendary across the world, ‘they will do anything for you’, so it goes. ” Jon lays down a very positive case for the generosity of the Thai people.

That’s it from Beyond The Mango Juice and the May review. Read and enjoy.


I'm a sixty-year-old Englishman living in the town of Swindon in rural Wiltshire and I have a real deep desire to retire in Thailand one day. If you don't have a dream then you won't have a dream come true.

23 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    Martyn thanks for the mention. I hope you arrived safely and had an upgrade along the way!

    I am sure WW and the buffalo boys are missing you like crazy.

    Mike’s last blog post..Amazing Thailand Quiz

  2. Hi Martyn, glad you’re back in one piece, always scary when you read about planes dropping out of the sky. I started an around the blogs review last night too, will take me a while to finish… but may not help me to win friends or influence people! Thought I would do a ‘what I really think’ blog for a change.

    Thanks for the mention as well, though you picked a day when my brain wasn’t functioning and pics were the usual fallback position! Maybe I should do that more often then, instead of the verbal diarrhoea 🙂

    Pete, frogblogger’s last blog post..Thai sense of humour?

  3. Hoo Don says:

    I landed safely and got home at nine Monday evening, unfortunately I had to start work Tuesday morning. Three days off as from Thursday and then I will catch up with yours and everybody else’s blogs. WW is doing fine although she is a little tired herself. The Buffalo Boys are still wreaking havoc in the garden. Thanks Mike.

  4. Catherine says:

    Thanks for the review Martyn. I always enjoy following the different blog posts that you point out on your monthlies. Some I visit on my daily rounds, but I do miss a few so I like being reminded (I keep away from feedreaders for my sanity, so depend on other ways of getting around the community).

    Jetlag is such a pain (I couldn’t imagine being a pilot of longhauls), I hope you recover soon.

    Pete, ‘but may not help me to win friends or influence people!’ This is going to be fun 😀

    Catherine’s last blog post..Interviewing Myke Hawke: Quick and Dirty Guide to Learning Languages Fast

  5. Hoo Don says:

    Terrible news about Air France but luckily I returned with no problems even sailing straight through customs, must have been my new smaller suitcase that done it. Wilai had a real good laugh about your policeman photo and mentioned it for a few days after. I will look forward to your review and catch up with your blog on my day off tomorrow, my brains a bit scrambled at the mo, straight back into 12 hour shifts and everything. I’ve only managed to snatch a few jaded internet hours so far as my rather sketchy monthly review shows. Have a good day but I gotta dash, work in 55 minutes time.

  6. Martin In Bulgaria says:

    Hi Martyn,
    Thanks again for the mention. I have to apologise for being so lapse recently, quite a busy time right now. Hope things arewell at your end and glad you arrived safely – too many disasters recently.
    Take Care

    Martin In Bulgaria’s last blog post..Free Food Well On Its Way Now

  7. Catherine says:

    Apologies for not congratulating Ben’s Thai Pirate…

    ‘ a blog that is steadily rising up the Top 100 Thai Blogs chart. The Thai Pirate’

    I’ve been watching the Thai Pirate climb with interest. And of course, I always click on those stars when passing by!

    Catherine’s last blog post..Interviewing Myke Hawke: Quick and Dirty Guide to Learning Languages Fast

  8. hey Martyn hope the British summer is treating you well, don’t work too hard, thanks for the mention. Back in the UK myself in June, can’t wait for some good old English food, standard, and the pub, chomping the bit mate, get back to land of Thailand soon, all the best, Ben

    Ben Shingleton’s last blog post..East meets West at the Dinner Table

  9. Hope you earn pots of money and get back to the Wondrous Wi in double-quick time 🙂

    Pete, frogblogger’s last blog post..Brash Bangkok, culture-hound Chiang Mai, pornographic Pattaya, innocent Isaan – which one is your Thailand?

  10. Talen says:

    Sorry to hear you’re back home Martyn…I’m sure your stay in Thailand was way too short. Glad you landed safely though. I appreciate the mention…hopefully one day we’ll both be in Thailand at the same time and we can share a beer instead of links…

    Talen’s last blog post..Funny Thai Signs and Sad Realities

  11. Hoo Don says:

    Catherine I am actually on my knees in a forgiveness position (looking to the heavens) whilst typing this reply…Let me explain. I get bombarded with blocks of spam and I daily delete, delete, delete…I build up a head of steam and delete, delete, delete and all of a sudden I said “shit” as I realized I had deleted your last comment on my previous blog. I was going to email you and apologize but decided to wait and see if you would drop by again and thank you for doing so…..My apologies Catherine.

    The jet lag seems to be going and now I’m about to start on a bottle of Sang Som I slipped into my suitcase, no work tomorrow, what a lovely thought. Thanks.

  12. Hoo Don says:

    Martin – No need to apologize about lapses I am well aware of your current situation and besides I have been lapse myself of late but like you through no fault of my own.

    Ben – You certainly mentioned the good bits about England and this week the sun has been shining everyday.

    Pete – I do earn quite good money but have to put the hours in to get it. September will soon come round.

    Talen – My stay went at a nice gentle pace but it is never long enough, I think about 2 months would be about right for me at this moment in time. Look forward to the beer one day.

  13. Catherine says:

    ‘I am actually on my knees in a forgiveness position (looking to the heavens) whilst typing this reply’


    I looked at the post and for the life of me, I couldn’t remember what I’d written.

    My lack of memory is most likely the after affects of a melatonin night.

    But no matter, I’m sure to pepper other posts more than I should.

    Enjoy your Sang Som. I’m facing a sleepy Friday night myself. Nice.

    Catherine’s last blog post..Interviewing Myke Hawke: Quick and Dirty Guide to Learning Languages Fast

  14. Come on Martyn, you’ve been back for ages now, I want my fix of mango juice 🙂

    Catherine, do you take your melatonin neat, or with a chaser 🙂 I’ll try anything, can’t sleep at all at the moment. Still I hear that exercise is the best soporific, and I definitely haven’t been getting enough of that recently 😉

    Pete, frogblogger’s last blog post..Brash Bangkok, culture-hound Chiang Mai, pornographic Pattaya, innocent Isaan – which one is your Thailand?

  15. Hoo Don says:

    Pete I have been working on a new post today and I almost had it finished when second nature called. I woke up about 9 hours later still feeling half drunk and oh well, work in the morning, will finish it tomorrow night.

  16. Catherine says:

    Hi Pete,

    Well, they do say that you should not drink when taking melationin… so, if I have been drinking and cannot sleep, I wait until about 3am before sneaking a few drops of melatonin.

    Sometimes I cheat and go for 2am instead.

    ‘Exercise’… hehh hehhh… yeah, that works too 🙂

    Sticking an iPod in your ear is ok (I have loads of sleep-type mp3’s)

    Watching the History channel when they aren’t fighting wars is a winner, but that actually means you need access to a TV.

    (I can just see Pete, decked out his bunny rabbit PJ’s, running over to his neighbours in the middle of the night to watch their tele)

    Catherine’s last blog post..Interviewing Myke Hawke: Quick and Dirty Guide to Learning Languages Fast

  17. Martin In Bulgaria says:

    For the second time this year after grave digging, don’t ask, I’m a bit pissed, so I won’t comment. The saying goes write when you’re drunk but edit when you’re sober! Doh! too late!

    Martin In Bulgaria’s last blog post..Bulgarian Marrows (Tikvichki) But Not As You Know Them

  18. Hoo Don says:

    Martin lets hope we both wake up tomorrow sober. I’m missing Thailand (Wilai) like crazy.

  19. Jon says:

    Hi Martyn, thanks for the link; nice to be your guest blog of the month.

    I always look out for your monthly round-up and any new blogs that crop up.

    I refrained from enerting the top 100 Thai blogs as my humble offering is just a bit of fun. Maybe I’ll change my position as it looks like most of the troops are signed up.

    Jon’s last blog post..Curious about Thailand? Check out Thai blogs

  20. Hoo Don says:

    Jon I have every intention of adding yours and a few others to my Blogroll but it then extends the list which makes my review even longer and so I have thought sod it, I will soon add a few more blogs and come review time I will have to omit one here and there. Cheers.

  21. Jon says:

    Look forward to my prize in the post, btw.

    The Thai blogosphere is pretty crowded, makes your review tough but means there is lots of good content to take in and plenty of good folks to get to know.

    Jon’s last blog post..Curious about Thailand? Check out Thai blogs

  22. expatudon08 says:

    glad the trip went well for you and blog is doing well but why wouldn’t it you have a knack for it that’s for sure
    the trip to Thailand should keep your batteries charged for a while maybe not till next time but needs must
    the money is nice in the uk but doe you need a mountain of it to retire our just some good financial sense
    here is my views
    expat dreams and gripes
    yes its comes to all of us after spending a few weeks our for those more lucky a couple of month’s the trip to Thailand to see friends and family is never just long enough it makes you start to wonder why we do what we do i guess most people reading this will contact in some way with what i am saying

    expatudon08’s last blog post..Changes to Ban Dung issan thailand

  23. Hoo Don says:

    John when I return to the UK after my 2 or 3 week trip people always say to me…I bet that went quick… and I always reply no…it went nice and slow but it just wasn’t long enough. I know exactly where you are coming from. I still think it’s all worthwhile…but one day…

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