How Many Times Do Thai Girls Eat In One Day

Village breakfastThe title poses a big question and one you might burn off a few calories thinking about. Most Thai ladies in their late teens to early thirties have the kind of bodies men lust after and western women long for, but how do they do it on an apparently high intake of food.

In my experience Thai girls do consume meals regularly throughout the day but here in the UK we have been raised to believe that eating breakfast, lunch, dinner and a light supper will give us the needed calories to  get us through the most energetic days. So do Thai girls exceed the four times rule that has served generations of British folk?

‘ They’re either eating or sleeping’ is a jibe I’ve heard aimed at Pattaya bar girls over the years, but one which is a little unjust. The lifestyle of a bar girl is juggled between working irregular hours, snatched sleep and catching up with friends. Her food supply is regular but the pattern of eating times patchy at best and for the luckier ones their free meals will be regulated and paid for by the whims and wishes of falang.

A more regular routine girl would seem to offer the better hope of solving a question, which has been debated in many bars by many falang. Weighing in at around 50 kilos Wonderful Wi certainly fits the bill. Wilai is a country girl with a stable lifestyle and a staple diet, until I show up of course.

What do Thai’s eat for breakfast (ahaan chao) is another highly discussed question that has been kicked around the Thai blog scene for a long time. In the villages of Isaan the answer appears to be the pickings of the previous evening meal, be them spicy, sweet or sour.

The amount of half eaten dishes you  see when you visit a Thai restaurant are put to one side in many of the village homes for the first meal of the next day. What was a hot, delicately prepared meal the night before is often eaten cold and is lacking in its former delish qualities come breakfast time. Isaan’s famous sticky rice often compliments the ahaan chao meal.

Village meal time

Sticky rice and its glutinous properties once more slides onto the bamboo woven floor mat and the mid afternoon som tum (spicy salad ) feast begins. Wilai and her mother will eat together or sometimes be joined by an aunt, uncle or friend and the village gossip, TV soaps and the latest big Thai news story will be discussed in earnest. Chicken, fish or seafood will often partner the red chilli powered salad.

Fruit is a principal source of vitamins, antioxidants and energy in most Thai’s diet and in the villages there are bananas, pineapple, mangosteen, oranges and many other varieties to be bought from the local markets or even better, plucked from a tree. Fruit is in ample supply and is nibbled throughout the day much in the same way as perhaps the westerner might quick snack on biscuits, chocolate and cakes. A snack attack, but in my mind not another meal on the tally.

Village evening meal

The Thai TV soaps start around half eight evening time and by then sundown has passed and the evening meal (ahaan yen) has been prepared, cooked, digested and the best of the leftovers put to one side for the morning.  Sticky rice is once more prominent on the bamboo mat.

Forget the grasshoppers, beetles and cockroaches. Chicken, pork or beef are eaten alongside vegetables and freshly prepared dips and sauces. On special occasions a barbecue heralds a birthday or special Buddhist day and a strong family presence is sometimes in attendance for the last meal of the day. Afterwards the stereotype TV soaps take centre stage.

Young Wilai notches three meals from the menu for one day and the myth of Thai girls eating  six or seven times from sunrise to dusk, is to my mind put firmly to rest. How does your Thai partner fare in the eating ‘steaks’. My conclusion is that your average Thai girl is no different to the other damsels of this world, though perhaps with the exception that their broad effervescent smiles and demure allure mean that in restaurants they never ever have to consider the calories contained in the bill.


I'm a sixty-year-old Englishman living in the town of Swindon in rural Wiltshire and I have a real deep desire to retire in Thailand one day. If you don't have a dream then you won't have a dream come true.

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  1. Mike says:

    Martyn, MTF eats three meals a day, but not at set times, in that she will eat whenever she wants or feels hungry.

    One of my pet hates is half eaten food lying around the kitchen, since she will rarely waste anything. Spicy, sweet or sour as you say. BTW I hate it because of the ants it attracts.

    Doy on the other hand hates it too but for a different reason-she doesn’t really like spicy food. When her Aunt produces these left overs for breakfast she will sit for an hour gagging and washing everything down with water. Give her some cereal and milk anytime and she is happy. I reckon she is becoming a falang when it comes to eating.

    Me- three meals a day, porridge for breakfast, main meal at lunch and a western style sandwich or salad for the evening!
    .-= Mike´s last blog ..Penis Survey-Size Really Does Matter in Thailand =-.

  2. Talen says:

    Martyn, Some excellent scientific research…my own research is usually flawed.

    Pookie generally eats 3 times a day but depending on family and other goings on I have seen her eat as little as once a day and as much as five times in a day.

    Usually 3 times does it though but there are fruit and snacks throughout the day as well.
    .-= Talen´s last blog ..Thailand Wants to Know Your Penis Size =-.

  3. malcolm says:

    Martyn, I’m with the rest of the guys as far as Ciejay ‘s eating goes , 3 tims a day seems to do it for her and she cuts off any food after 7 , ,BUTTTTT when her sisters or daughter come to spend the day visiting eating is a all day affair and while eating one dish , another sister is making another dish and so it goes all day , and they never gain a lb. What a mystery that is to me , Good post and pictures . Malcolm
    .-= malcolm´s last blog ..MONKEY TOLL ROAD =-.

  4. Hoo Don says:

    Mike – Doy is certainly turning into a falang with her cereal and milk for breakfast. I am very surprised to read she doesn’t like spicy food too much, that’s unusual. I once served up some savoury biscuits to Wi’s uncles who normally woof them down, this time they remained untouched. With my glasses on I could see ants in the bowl which was why they hadn’t touched them. I ate the lot and a few of the ants as well. Mai phen rai.

    Talen – I’ve never seen Wilai eat only once in a day but when we stay in a city then she can sometimes pump up the volume and eat more than usual. On family do’s at the house she is normally too busy to eat and I have to badger her into having some of the tasty things she’s cooked. Scientific….a very small rocket was fired I’ll admit.

    Malcolm – Watch out there’s a monkey behind you….I was meaning to mention in the post that after the evening meal the young one doesn’t eat anymore that day. I forgot all about it until I read your comment, I must start making pre post notes. Wilai does gain a couple of pounds if we stay in a city for too long as she tends to snack a little more, and don’t I half hear about it…’Hus….band, me phomphoi. Mark mark.’

  5. Talen says:

    I guess I need to qualify that once a day is usually when we hit a Thai bbq and the eating goes on for 2-3 hours!

    One time we went to a nice Thai bbq with Pookie’s sister and friend, ate for 2 hours then went to karaoke and they ate a large fried fish with spicy noodles there and then on the way home we hit another Thai bbq.

    These women can put away some food that is for sure.
    .-= Talen´s last blog ..Thailand Wants to Know Your Penis Size =-.

  6. Hoo Don says:

    Talen I do think there is something to the myth but only if you take the norm out of the equation. Like you I have known Thai girls who on occasion can eat and eat. As a rule Wilai is far too figure conscious to over indulge except when away from her natural habitat. The problem with the more tourist type places, Pattaya especially so, is that the markets are open later and the food carts are never far away.

  7. Andy says:

    On the numerous occasions that I have been fortunate to spend some time with a Thai girl she was either eating or sleeping. If she could have continued eating whilst asleep I am sure she would have, all 45 Kilo’s of her?

  8. Hoo Don says:

    Andy those girls sure can eat and sleep. I always used to say ‘sleep is cheap’ and with some of the bar girls those words were very true. Awake, some could eat and drink a few baht in one day.

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