Thailand Blogs – February 2011 Review

I’d like to start this month’s Thailand blogs review by directing readers attention to a post from Thailand, Land of Smiles. Living with the Tiger is an article written by the site’s author Talen which highlights the problems facing HIV and AIDS orphans in Thailand.

Living with the Tiger is a full length documentary about a group of orphans who live in Baan Gerda village, a HIV and AIDS hospice in Lopburi Province. The film narrates the story about the young orphans integration back into normal society by way of an opera and their hopes of once again living among the communities which rejected them because of their illness. If you can spare a few minutes then please do visit Talen’s site and read about the wonderful work being accomplished at Baan Gerda.

All photographs in this review are from Tourism Thailand which features an extensive gallery of over 1,000 images (royalty free) which are free to use in the positive promotion of Thailand.

If you’re ever in Thailand and hear someone shout “Ngoo hao”… like crazy. Those two words refer to the deadliest of Thai snakes, the cobra. Hong nam is another two-word Thai phrase but it simply means bathroom. Put all four words together and we’ve got the story of my pick of the month from Retired in Thailand and Loving It.

Malcolm’s neighbour has a cobra in the bathroom……. and she’s sat on the toilet. Friends rush to help and dispose of the snake but afterwards Malcolm has the dubious task of checking the house over to see if there’s anymore cobra’s about. Slither over to Malcolm’s blog and check out his post Snake in the neighbor’s bathroom.

Oölogy is the branch of zoology that deals with the study and collection of eggs, especially wild birds eggs. ‘E’ is for Oology is a post from Cooee which looks at Thai delicacies made from those very things oölogists study. Khai yiao maa, (ไข่เยี่ยวม้า) literally ‘egg urine horse’ and khai khem (salted egg) are two dishes blog host Snap tackles in her post.

A BBC World Service broadcast is the source of Thailand Blog’s post Thai Sex Industry Problem or Profession. The BBC broadcast was live from the rooftop of a nightclub in Bangkok’s bar girl district Patpong, and questioned people involved in sex tourism about whether the industry was good or bad for Bangkok. Mike Rose analyses the radio programme and bullet points his interpretation of both Thais and foreigners moral perceptions about Thailand’s sex tourism industry.

Last month Thailand celebrated its Buddhist merit-making Makha Bucha Festival and Catherine, author of top Thai language blog Women Learning Thai…and some men too, took off due south to Krabi and Ao Nang beach. Catherine moors herself on the beach and casts her eyes out to sea at Ao Nang’s Long-tail Boats bobbing in the water against the evening sun. Catherine’s charming writing style sets the scene and is further enhanced with some lovely pictures of the motorized long-tail boats.

Take a big deep breath and put on your bicycle clips because Lawrence and Life in Phana are taking us on a bike ride. Last month Phana held a celebration to mark its 300 year old history and part of the festivities was a bike rally which involved playing games and finding clues. If you enjoy reading about life outside of tourist Thailand then Making History in Phana is perfect for you. Lawrence includes plenty of photographs with this one. Definitely one of my favourite posts from February.

Wise advice about relationships with Thai bar girls doesn’t need its theme explaining but if you’re about to head for Thailand’s seedy tourist spots then it needs your attention. Amongst the wise advice offered to foreigners in respect to alliances with Thai bar girls is this startling viewpoint.

  • Understand that due to everything she has been through, in the West she would almost certainly qualify for free psychotherapy — and she may need it.

Pull up your bar stool and get some free advice about dating Thai bar girls at Siam Rick’s blog Behind the Noodle Curtain.

Stay seated on your bar stool because wants a word in your ear about running a bar in Thailand. Paul no longer drinks alcohol but in his early Thailand years he spent enough time and money in bars to recognize the qualities needed to run a successful bar in the Land of Smiles. Paul’s advice to the majority of us is Open a bar in Thailand? Are you Nuts?….. This one’s full of sound solid advice and is a must read for anyone thinking of acquiring a bar in the Kingdom.

If you’re heading to Koh Samui then head to Camille’s Samui Info blog first. Even more so if you’ve a taste for Japanese food. Camille reviews Ageha Sushi Bar in Lamai, a new restaurant on the holiday island which gets a thumbs up from Camille’s Japanese friend. The restaurant specializes in sushi and sashimi, and all the local fish on the menu are fresh. The Ageha Sushi Bar has traditional Japanese style tables as well as western ones. Sake is also served in big wooden cups. It’s a shosha (winner) as the Japanese might say.

MeMock and Life in rural Thailand are back in the Land of Smiles after returning to Australia late last year. MeMock’s (Andrew) return is business related but he and his family have nested once again in their Ubon Ratchathani village home and happily for his many readers he has picked up the reins of his blog once again.

Thailand and Cambodia are currently in dispute over border rights to the Preah Vihear World Heritage site and Thai temple ปราสาทเขาพระวิหาร conflict escalates – now affecting Ubon Ratchathani recalls Andrew’s visit to the temple three and a half years ago. There are some really stunning pictures of the temple Thais call Prasat Khao Phra Viharn attached to this post.

Thailand Musings lovable husband and wife team of Steve and Golf are heading off to Thailand to set up home in Bangkok and What Am I Going to Miss (in the US) When I Move Back to Thailand? is a post from the Thai half of the team. Saying goodbye to the comforts of America will be hard for the couple and their young child, and Golf lists the things she’ll miss most when they leave America’s shores. Grab your snowshoes and join Golf for a burger in the good old US of A.

How much food can 145 baht buy you in Thailand is answered in full by The Thai Pirate’s post Thai Food and Prices – A Meal on the Road. Prices are rising in Thailand for most things but street food is still affordable to practically everyone, and Ben proves that point by grabbing a takeaway for two from a Bangkok market. Put on your napkin and board The Thai Pirate for a cheap feast in Thailand’s capital city.



I'm a sixty-year-old Englishman living in the town of Swindon in rural Wiltshire and I have a real deep desire to retire in Thailand one day. If you don't have a dream then you won't have a dream come true.

21 Responses

  1. Talen says:

    Another great roundup Martyn…and a few I missed that I must go read now. Great job helping out with Living with the Tiger too…I’ll be picking the winners tomorrow.

  2. Martyn says:

    Talen I hope Baan Gerda gets some funds from the sales of Living with the Tiger and the kids continue to enjoy their lives. It’s a pleasure to help out such a worthy cause.

    I hope you’re keeping away from the beach.

  3. Malcolm says:

    WOW!!!!! post of the month , thank you –thank you , what a honuor for my little blog. I have been sooo busy trying to get Ciejay’s honey do list done before the rainy season sets in that I have not been posting as much as I wish , but when things slow down a little My plan is to write down some of my experiences here in the neighbor hood these past 6 years, and do a series called “Life on Moo 1”. Should be some fun stuff, and sorry I don’t get around to commenting as much, but that will change too. Take care and keep -em coming. Malcolm

  4. Martyn says:

    Malcolm as soon as I read your cobra post I pinned to the top of the banana tree. I couldn’t see anything beating it throughout the month. It’s one great scary story.

    I haven’t been commenting as much myself lately as I’ve been working on my other blogs. There’s never enough time in the day.

    I’ll look forward to Life on Moo 1.

  5. Talen says:

    Martyn, Hopefully Baan Gerda has gotten some extra exposure from all this and more people will help with the great cause.

    I like the Beach too much 🙂 Apparently the Mayor took a stroll on the beach today as well…hopefully he gets the job done once and for all.

  6. Martyn says:

    Talen I checked out the mayor’s Facebook page and there were a couple of pictures of him on the beach. Let’s hope he wasn’t there to top up his tan.

    The Thai bloggers response to Baan Gerda was quite amazing and I’m sure the kids will benefit from it all.

  7. Another great round up Martyn, and I’m not just saying that because you gave me a mention again. I always think I’m doing a good job of keeping up with Thailand blogs, but your review always provides posts I’ve missed.

  8. Martyn says:

    Paul it is time consuming keeping up with all the blogs, not that I manage to read each and everyone myself. I do however try and read most of what’s put out. Unfortunately work interferes way too much.

  9. lawrence says:

    Martyn, you keep on reminding us how the month’s fly by. Thanks v.much for the mention, but more important, for pointing out some of the posts I have missed. You do us all a great service. Thanks.

  10. Martyn says:

    Lawrence it will soon be Christmas and you’ll be back in England. That’s a shivering thought for you.

    Glad I could help with a few of the posts you missed.

  11. Martyn says:

    Catherine I often miss posts myself, selecting each post for the review inevitably leads me to finding quite a few I’ve somehow missed over the previous month.

    I hope Talen doesn’t run into trouble over the Pattaya jet-ski scam. It’s a very brave thing to tackle.

  12. Catherine says:

    HOW did I miss Snap’s egg post? I try not to miss a single one of hers and I’m clearly slip-sliding away. Apologies Snap.

    Talen’s ‘Living with the Tiger’ post was a huge hit and now he’s running around about jet-skis. Scary. Take care Talen, please take care.

    And Martyn, once again thank you for a fantastic round-up. And once again mine is late…

  13. Lani says:

    The egg post was indeed egg-tastic!

  14. Martyn says:

    Lani, egg-tastic is a good description of Snap’s post, I really enjoyed reading it and I’m going to hunt out those salted eggs when I hit Thailand in May. They sound perfect for my taste buds.

  15. Catherine says:

    Lani, I’m heading over there now 🙂

  16. Catherine says:

    Martyn, I’m worried about Talen too…

  17. Snap says:

    I’m so eggcited to feature in your monthly blogs review, yet again 😉 Seriously, I’m so sorry for the late response Maryn, I have my tour guide hat on at the moment and haven’t been keeping up to date with my favourite blogs. Cheers!

  18. Snap says:

    whoops…here’s the missing ‘T’

  19. Martyn says:

    Snap don’t get too eggcited or you’ll crack up before breakfast is finished.

    Maryn…that’s not too bad because when I go to Pattaya I usually stay at the Marin Place and so Maryn is pretty close to that hotel name. That brings back fond memories for me.

  20. Sascha says:

    Hey there! Nice blog review. Just came across for the first time and found some nice blogs i din’t know before. I’ll be back next time for sure 🙂

  21. Martyn says:

    Sascha thanks for the read and I hope you find a lot of enjoyment from the new blogs you have discovered. Happy reading.

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