Harmony Restaurant and Bar in Udon Thani


Udon Thani has a large expat community and their make-up spreads far and wide around the world. The city also has a wide-range of foreign themed restaurants and their variety too has a taste from most corners of the globe. Udon Thani’s sapid foreign restaurant plate is mainly stacked with European eateries and the Harmony Restaurant and Bar is one which specializes in Bavarian food and beer.

The Harmony Restaurant and Bar first tipped its Tyrolean hat to customers in August 2008, and in July last year German national Rüdiger and his Thai wife Charukan took over the lease of the property. The couple swapped the good life and sea breeze of Pattaya for a bite of the ‘small apple’ in the municipality of Udon Thani and the day-to-day chores that come with a business geared solely toward customer service.

The restaurant is on Adunyadet Road, a lively nightlife venue in itself, and only a leisurely ten minute stroll from Udon Thani’s Central Plaza and main night entertainment area. Adunyadet Road swings to the sound of noisy karaoke and beer bars and the sweet cordiality of quiet restaurants all within walking distance of many hotels. The area is highly tuned for a shady or straight shooting night out and the Harmony Restaurant and Bar sits squarely in the latter.


The restaurant’s speciality is German and Thai food but there are some favourite western dishes on the menu too.harmony-restaurant-adunyadet-road-udon-thaniThe meals pictured above are Frikadellen (beef meatballs) served with a cold pickle salad, and two Thai dishes, Tom Yam soup  and Phra-Nang (spicy chicken curry). Every Thursday Rüdiger and Charukan offer a combo German and Thai buffet at a very palatable 149 baht.

The bar has a good stock of German bottle beers which include Weihenstephan Weibbier, Fürstenberg Premium Pilsener and Flensburg Pilsner, all reasonably priced. German Bundesliga football and Formula One Grand Prix racing are aired live on TV and the bar has a full-sized pool table as well.


The restaurant and bar are shipshape rather than spick-and-span, and host Rüdiger most welcoming and friendly. The ambiance and temper of the restaurant is free and easy, and when my bill came it didn’t shake me awake like some restaurant bills can. The meal pictured in this post along with one bottled German beer, a fruit juice and two coffees added up to a wholesome and healthy 630 baht (US$20).

Anyone seeking to find German food in Udon Thani can save themselves a lot of legwork by checking out the Harmony Restaurant and Bar first. I very much doubt they’ll be disappointed.

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I'm a sixty-year-old Englishman living in the town of Swindon in rural Wiltshire and I have a real deep desire to retire in Thailand one day. If you don't have a dream then you won't have a dream come true.

4 Responses

  1. How says:

    Hi Martyn, It’s great that the expats are introducing their food and culture to the people in Udon. Ubon still limited but in time perhaps ? The owner would probably celebrate Oktoberfest – any pictures ? We are heading to Khon Kaen next week, but I know Kai would like another trip to Udon.

  2. Martyn says:

    How – There are plenty of western restaurants and bars in Udon but there doesn’t seem to be enough expats and tourists about to fill them. Only a handful or two, albeit for whatever reason, seem to have decent trade.

    Khon Kaen is not too far from Udon, maybe you could stretch the trip 125 clicks longer especially after your ‘Joy’ photo caption.

    BTW, what exactly is Udon’s attraction for Kai?

  3. How says:

    Hi Martyn, We drove around Central and Main Bus Station. It looked like it was the older part of town but it was still bustling with lots of people going about their business and activities. I read because of the increase in cross border trade. Unlike Ubon, the old part of town is quiet after 5. The other attraction is that Laos is a hop away. Sorry it was a typo…Kai prefers Khon Kaen and I Udon.

  4. Martyn says:

    How – Thanks for clearing that one up.

    Udon gets a lot of cross border trade, mainly shoppers to Central Plaza on a weekend.

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