Japanese Bantams – Birds, Booze and Boats Part Two

Some of you may have read one of my recent posts, Nong Khai to Ban Na Nam Chum – Booze, Birds and Boats, which explained about Wonderful Wi’s recent acquisition of two Japanese Bantams. They were hens, at least we hope so, the plan being they will breed with our existing Japanese bantam cock. After the two new Japanese Bantams enjoyed (maybe endured) a short settling in period Wilai started building a chicken pen for the three love birds.


Wilai started the build early morning, around 8pm, way before the sun was burning too bright and I left her to it. Her mama and two cousins were going to help and my role was to provide iced soft drinks as and when required.

How to make a Thai style chicken pen


After a period of chopping and chipping the structure of the chicken pen took shape. It wasn’t too big, or that small, and I was impressed at the speed it went up. The completed framework was made entirely from bamboo, even the ‘string’ used to lock each bamboo length together came from the woody Bambuseae plant.


The roof was next. This would keep the bantams dry from the rain and provide shade from the sun. These type of roofs are near impossible to collect precious rainwater from but their woven grass composition keeps the burning sunshine at bay very well.


Nylon mesh was stretched around the outside and a separate length attached to a crude-looking door frame. The pen floor was carpeted with fine wood chippings and a hanging water bowl, feed container and raised nesting/sleeping platform completed the furnishings.


The chickens were coaxed inside – squawked inside would be more the truth because Wilai had to grab the chickens one by one and manhandle them into the coop. Once there, they settled down and pecked around their new home.

The Thai style chicken pen was completed in around three hours.

Thus far, one month on, all three Japanese Bantams are alive and clucking but Wilai is still awaiting delivery of the first bantam egg. Hopefully, that and more, will come soon.

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I'm a sixty-year-old Englishman living in the town of Swindon in rural Wiltshire and I have a real deep desire to retire in Thailand one day. If you don't have a dream then you won't have a dream come true.

2 Responses

  1. Mike says:

    Sorting out the pecking order perhaps?

  2. Martyn says:

    Mike – A Japanese threesome behind a meshed fence with lots of clucking going on. Maybe I should install a webcam, advertise it and let the money roll in.

    Good to hear from you and thanks for the help with the Thai translation from the Meelan Waterpark photograph I sent you.

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