Thai Bar Girls and Ladyboys in Udon Thani

Anyone looking to meet Thai bar girls in Udon Thani won’t need thick lens glasses to find them. There’s no need to beat the bushes too hard because Udon Thani nightlife is rich in bars and clubs and its main nightlife area has a gaggle and giggle of night venues, bar girls, ladyboys and ice-cold beers.

central-plaza-udon-thani-thailandUdon Thani nightlife centres around the area near to the city’s stately Central Plaza Shopping Mall which sits elegantly on Prajak Road among a mélange of restaurants, food stalls, bars and archetypical Thai shop townhouses.

Central Plaza’s developers may well have been popping chillies, swilling beers and high on iTunes when they chose to place their prized princess at the doors of the city’s naughty nightlife arena – the princess kisses the frog? That all said, Udon Thani’s bars, clubs and restaurants do add weight to the notion that the city has a growing tourist appeal.

Udon Thani Nightlife – Where to find Thai bar girls In Udon Thani


Udon Thani has some decent quality bars within walking distance of Central Plaza and most of them sport fun-loving ‘working girls’. Two multi-bar complexes, Nutty Park on Prajak Road, and Day & Night (pictured above) in Soi Sampanthamit are the significant players in terms of ‘money for honey’ and girly action.

Nutty Park and Day & Night each host around 20 bars but not all are open at any one time. On a busy night, both venues are lively with a decent amount of bar girls in attendance. Unfortunately, Udon Thani’s bar girls will demand (in general) 2,000 baht for a night’s ‘entertainment’, and that’s way over-priced for Isaan. That said, if the girl is high-grade, try to sweet talk and cut a deal for much less. The bar fine, as a rule of thumb, will be 300 baht.

Udon Thani nightlife has a lot of western bars, too many for the number of punters treading the boards. Many bars struggle month on month, and even the best bars suffer countless quiet nights throughout the year. Udon Thani bar girls may demand 2,000 baht, but don’t rush the deal because when the music stops there’ll be a lot of seats left over.

Mr Tong’s and Sisters Bar are two late-night music bars on Prajak Road attended by regular Udon Thani girls, freelancers and bar girls who’ve finished their evening shift. If a girl genuinely comes sweet on you, then a few drinks and a snack may be enough to lower the drawbridge to Shangri-La. If not, park her ass at the negotiating table.

First-time visitors to Udon Thani’s nightlife scene may be surprised at how soft-pedalled the bar girls are compared to Thailand’s beach resort working girls. Udon Thani’s bar girls, for their most part, appear friendly, fun-loving and not in-your-face like so many of their Central and Southern counterparts. They may badger a drink or food stall snack from you, but their manner is generally easy-going and not hands-on.

To read a review on the best bars and nightclubs in the city, click on the link – Nightlife in Udon Thani – Bars and Clubs.

Where to find Thai ladyboys in Udon Thani

thai-bar-girls-ladyboysYou may need thin lens glasses to find ladyboys in Udon Thani but not milk bottle ones. Like any other city in Thailand, Udon Thani has its share of animated and theatrical ladyboys, but its nightlife scene is geared way more toward bar girls.

I have seen ladyboys in Day & Night (picture right) but not routinely. The Beach Bar in Soi Sampanthamit is probably as good a venue as any to look.

The Beach Bar has some ladyboy staff, and again like Udon Thani’s bar girls, their approach is more histrionic soft-shoe than steel toecap. Their price will be on a par with bar girls, but again, strike a deal with the knowledge that when the music stops you’ll be spoilt for choice for seating. Mr Tong’s and Sisters Bar are also possible places to meet ladyboys.

Udon Thani’s UD Town night market (on Prajak Road) is another half-chance place to look. In the daytime, Central Plaza’s perfume and cosmetic departments are honey traps for Thai ladyboys.

Udon Thani nightlife’s spread over a large area, and this post has only covered a small part. There are a lot more bars about, and most have girls to bar fine. Ladyboys are a bit thinner on the ground, but whatever way your boat sails look-see is part of the fun, and Udon Thani nightlife has a full house of eye candy to hit on.

Beyond The Mango Juice does not imply that anyone pictured in this post is involved in the sale of sex.

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