Soi Sampanthamit in Udon Thani

Soi Sampanthamit in Udon Thani is not picture-postcard turf. Cluttered pathways, sombre-looking shops and behind the times’ architecture rules iron-handed over modern design, but that all said, for many folks, it’s the land of milk and honey. Soi Sampanthamit has some excellent hotels, restaurants and bars and is a much-trodden street for people seeking both daytime and nightlife entertainment in Udon Thani.

Hotels, restaurants and bars in Soi Sampanthamit, Udon Thani 

Soi Sampanthamit is a long side street off Prajak Road laced with enough bars and restaurants to empty your pockets before you reach its end. It’s a street with a lot of meat on its bone in terms of bars and restaurants – stick to a handful of them, and you’ll have enough dollar spare to make home plate – twist and you could be hunting an ATM before the evening ends. Either way, it’s a daytime and nightlife friendly street.

Udon Thani hotels in Soi Sampanthamit

Booking a hotel in Soi Sampanthamit comes with a few extra benefits thrown in. The street is a short walk from Udon Thani’s train station and Central Bus Station. Central Plaza Shopping Mall is closer still, and UD Town night market’s beat and buzz is a short stroll away.  Another plus, but a negative for some, is the area is rich in nightlife action, and that means bar girls, music and ladyboys. Be warned; the neighbourhood is more Bronson than Brontë.


The Pannarai Hotel (pictured above) is Soi Sampanthamit’s only four-star stay and is equipped with a swimming pool, restaurant and private parking. The hotel’s stepped back from the road and its solid build guarantees a quiet night’s sleep. Room rates check-in at around 1400 baht (US$42) a night.

The Irish Clock, Top Mansion and Home @ Udon Hotel are well-known favourite Udon Thani stopovers and all three receive excellent reviews on the top hotel booking websites. To read full Beyond The Mango Juice reviews and view photographs about them, click on the link – Udon Thani Hotels.

Udon Thani restaurants in Soi Sampanthamit


If you’re looking to wine and dine western style, the Irish Clock bar and restaurant (pictured above) is possibly the jewel in Soi Sampanthamit’s culinary crown. The menu has popular western and Thai dishes, Indian curries too, and the bar stocks fine wines and draught Irish Guinness as well. The Irish Clock is a fair-haired, prized Udon Thani social haunt and arguably the most well-known bar in Isaan.

seaside -2-soi-sampanthamit

The Sea Side 2  If you’re looking for value-for-money British type meals the Sea Side 2 is a ‘shore’ bet winner. The café style diner has a menu full of favourite British meals – sausage and mash, liver and bacon, fish and chips, meat pies and beef stew are a few of the ‘Brit Hits’ served. Close your eyes long enough, and you’ll feel you’re back home in Grandma’s kitchen. Most meals roll out at around 120 baht, and their superb all-day breakfast (pictured above) costs even less. The restaurant’s Thai dishes come highly recommended too.

Udon Thani bars in Soi Sampanthamit

Soi Sampanthamit has a glut of bars, some serve food and a few rent rooms, there are too many bars to list in their entirety, so I’ll stick to a handful, my chosen few, but there are others that are popular with expats and tourists.


The Beach Bar (pictured above) has a mix of bar girls and ladyboys but if the latter puts you off think again. All the working staff at the Beach Bar are friendly, and the bar’s accent is on fun and customer satisfaction. If you want to be left alone, you’ll be left well alone. The girls and ladyboys are entertaining to talk to, and there’s an easy-going, no pressure atmosphere to the bar.

The Irish Clock once again gets a mention because it’s a bar, restaurant and guesthouse rolled out as one. At the ‘Clock’ you can watch all the major live sports action while you sup a cold Guinness or perhaps a draught Tiger Beer. Daily newspapers are available too.

The restaurant’s all-day breakfast is one of the best in the city, and there’s always an expat or two in-house. If you’re visiting Udon Thani, the Irish Clock is a definite ‘must hit’ venue. Hosts Fred and Som (pictured right) guarantee you a warm welcome and a pleasant stay.

Outside view of Day & Night bar complex Udon Thani

The Day & Night Bar Complex is probably Soi Sampanthamit’s most popular nightlife venue. It slowly comes to life mid-afternoon, and by nightfall, some of the bars in the ‘Cowshed’ complex are buzzing with bar girls, music and revellers. The bars at the front of the complex get the busiest and Seven Stars Bar at the front right corner is an excellent place to wet your whistle first.

sports bar in Udon Thani

The Sports Bar attracts a lot of expats and as you’d expect there is a big emphasis on sport with flatscreen TV all around the premises. The bar gets very busy for major football matches, Aussie Rules football and other significant sports events.

The Sports Bar also has a ‘lads’ menu to tackle and features bacon butties, cheeseburgers, steak baguettes and homemade chips. The picture above was taken minutes after the bar’s afternoon opening, hence the empty seats. The Sports Bar is a big favourite among Udon’s sports-loving expats.

Click on the photograph (above right) to enlarge and view the Sports Bar full menu and prices.


Vikings Corner Bar is at the very top right-hand side of Soi Sampanthamit and is another expat watering hole that attracts passing tourists also. Again the photo was taken not long after the bar opened its afternoon doors. The bar beats to the sound of popular music and offers triple beer bottle discounts. Three bottles of Singha Beer for 180 baht is a good way to kick start your evening or bring the night curtain down. Vikings Corner Bar is a lively weekend evening venue.

I hope my review and recommendations for some of the best hotels, restaurants and bars in Soi Sampanthamit helps make your stay in Udon Thani all the better. Below is a map positioning each bar, hotel, and restaurant reviewed. Click on the map to enlarge.

Soi Sampanthamit Map


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