Udon TAP Taste House – Imported Beers in Udon Thani

Udon TAP Taste House is Udon Thani’s international bright young thing. Udon Tap is a beer and ales taste house, importing international beers for sale at their premises on the city outskirt near Udon Thani International Airport. Opened in November 2014, business is booming, and Udon Tap looks set to become even more popular throughout 2015.

The business brains behind the bar and retail operation, Jon and his Thai wife Dao are no strangers to Udon Thani’s myriad of expats. The couple are the former owners of Udon Thani’s Western food outlet Chern Chim. The twist to their latest venture is Udon TAP Taste House is geared toward both Westerners and Thais.

Udon TAP Taste House in Udon Thani


Thai customers are hardly few and far between – quite the opposite. With a choice of over 150 imported beers, Udon Tap’s shibboleth ‘Taste the Difference’, is a jingle that’s caught on quickly among Udon Thani’s Thai community. Further afield too. Tour coaches occasionally pull up in the car park, and the out-of-towners descend to taste the difference.


A smart marketing plan selling some drink-in-house-only beers at a special offer price of 49 baht and upwards is paying dividends. Sint Gammarus Double, a 7% Belgian beer with a spicy aroma is one, and like others, served in its own imported glassware. Tulip shaped in this case. I enjoyed two for a mere 98 baht. Tasty too. See below.


Udon Tap stocks over 100 imported Belgian beers and many other international beers, ales and ciders. Some of the bargain special drink offers (subject to change) are listed below.

Belgian Beers

  • Sint Gammarus Triple Ale – 79 THB
  • De Graal Gember – 89 THB
  • Kasteel Hoppy – 99 THB
  • Draught Pilsner Ops Beer – 125 TH
  • Passandaele – 95 THB

Other International Beers

  • Peroni Nastro Azzure  – 3 for 200 THB
  • Miller Genuine Draft – 2 for 100 THB

udon-tap-taste-house-04Most out-of-town visitors are camera snappy, and Udon Tap’s novel beer tap water feature is a big draw – a spouting silver beer tap flowing into a barrel. More clever marketing.

The beers flow inside and out at the Udon Tap – Limburgse Witte, Tennent’s Stout and Magners Cider have permanent bar pumps. And some of the popular bottled beers include Delirium Noel (10% alc vol), Kasteel Donker (11%) and La Corne Triple (10%). Knockout stuff.

Some of the countries represented by their beers, ales and ciders include England, Scotland, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, Germany, USA, Australia, Vietnam and Japan. A truly international line-up that highlight the hard work and dedication put into the successful launch of Udon TAP Taste House. Customs, licences and a mountain of paperwork were some of the hurdles tackled.


Good tasting beers appeal just as much to both the girls and boys. A regular stream of Thai customers stops by, including some airport staff on completion of their workday. Udon Tap also lays on a shuttle service to the airport for customers and to not too distant homes.

Retail beers stacked high and wide, but Udon Tap is not all about alcohol. Meals, snacks and soft drinks are available too.


Walkers Crisps, Nobby’s Nuts and over 40 lines of Cadbury products are on sale. Other snacks and confectionery brands are available as well. There’s also a very stylish food menu to tailgate the drinks.

Udon TAP Taste House, Udon Thani, menu dishes

The menu is full-bloodied, and the food well presented. Wagyu steak and beef strips are well-liked bites among the clientele. Photographs below show a beef roll, bacon banjo, lasagne, Virginia ham roll, garlic pizza bread with nuts and dips, pork chop, Wagyu strips, Wagyu steak, steak & kidney pie and BBQ ribs. The menu is full of flavour and acceptably priced. Most meals and snacks are served with fresh salad.


Udon TAP Taste House is an excellent addition to Udon Thani’s bar, restaurant and retail sector. A quality business with a uniqueness that stands out from the crowd. It’s a wine and dine experience I highly recommend if you are visiting Udon Thani. Excellent friendly service and a range of prices that shape up to all types of budget.

Taste the Difference at Udon TAP Taste House and get a warm welcome from Jon, Dao, Ian and their gang.

Further Information

Udon TAP Taste House, 55 / 6 Fah Sai, Nong Hin, Udon Thani.
Telephone: 089 861 8695
Opening times: Tuesday to Sunday 11 am – 10 pm. Last orders at 9 pm. Closed Mondays.
Udon TAP Taste House Facebook

How to get there – Udon TAP Taste House map

Udon TAP Taste House map

Click to enlarge

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