Udon Thani in Pictures – May 2015

I’ve recently returned from a three stay in Udon Thani Province. Five days in the city and the other time at our village home. Myself and Wonderful Wi had a great time together and I’ve picked out some photographs from my holiday snaps to share. I’ve added my usual innocuous commentary to each photograph.

Udon Thani, Nong Khai and Nong Bua Lamphu in Pictures 2015

city inn hotel udon thani

When we were in Udon Thani city we stayed at the City Inn. It was our first time there and will not be the last. Bang in the city centre suited us fine. Wilai was a few minutes walk from Central Plaza and UD Town and I was on the doorstep of the nightlife action. A nice hotel, comfortable not deluxe, and the owner Tiffany was very friendly and helpful.

guinea fowl keets

These two beauties greeted me within ten minutes of arriving at our village home. Guinea fowl keets. We had 10 of them when I arrived and seven at the end of my stay. Two escaped and were never found. The other one croaked it big time.

Wat Tham Kong Pen

Wilai wanted to visit a temple in neighbouring Nong Bua Lamphu Province. She didn’t know where it was or its name. She had seen it on TV. Needless to say we didn’t find it but stumbled upon Wat Tham Kong Pen instead.

Luang Pu Khao AnalayoWat Tham Kong Pen is a temple built among and around sandstone rock formations and the day we arrived was the third and last day of celebrations to commemorate the death of Luang Pu Khao Analayo.

Luang Pu Khao Analayo was a revered monk who stayed at Wat Tham Kong Pen monastery from 1958 until his death in 1983. He was a master of meditation and there were hundreds of people in and around the temple complex. All food and drinks were free.

wonderful wi nong khai

A beaming and bright-looking Wilai wearing her new hat in Nong Khai. Thai ladies seem to accumulate hats of different shapes and sizes. Wilai is no different and this latest one cost around US$10. Cute.

central plaza udon thani 05

Make my day punk! I snapped this lovely looking young lady at Central Plaza in Udon Thani city centre. She was attending a show at the shopping mall and many of the young people watching dressed in a similar or more outlandish fashion.

thai garden pond
Quite proud of this picture showing our garden pond and summer-house. Who knows what’s lurking in the water. Goldfish for sure, what else I don’t want to know. I’d want steel toe cap Wellington boots to dip my toes in there.

nong prajak udon thani 10

For the past two years Udon Thani’s Nong Prajak Park has had a giant inflatable duck(s) floating on its lake. Ducks have now appeared on the track around the park as well. Just like the one above but in different colours. About 10 in all. I’m not sure what they’re about but they are popular selfie and portrait picture tools.

guinness irish clock udon thani

The Irish Clock in Soi Sampanthamit, Udon Thani. Guinness is 280 THB (£5.50) and worth every satang. Not that I can afford to drink too many. At Abu Dhabi International Airport Guinness is about £9 a pint.

Wat Phothisomphon Udon Thani

‘Hus…band, can we go see temple near Nong Pra…jak?’

We did go to Wat Phothisomphon  and Wilai headed straight for the lady pictured with her in the bottom left-hand corner of the photograph. She then strolled up the steps to no doubt ask Buddha for luck with her recently purchased lottery ticket.

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