Hi-Fine Steak Restaurant Near Phu Rua, Loei


The Hi-Fine Steak Restaurant is seven kilometres from Phu Rua on the Loei-Dan Sai mountain road. It’s an out-of-the-way restaurant, attracting passing trade and deserves to be a lot busier than it seems to be. The food is good, the restaurant has inside and outside seating, and the view from the rear garden overlooking Loei’s high-reaching landscape is beautiful.

hi-fine-steak-phu-rua-loei-01My Thai partner and I have eaten at the Hi-Fine Steak Restaurant on several occasions. Each time has been late December in line with the annual Phu Rua Flower Festival. It is a chilly morning time of year in Loei Province, but dining outside when the sun breaks through is a very pleasant affair. And if the sun won’t shine, you can always dine with your gloves on. Read chilly for Thais and clement for Westerners. Gloves and jacket for her, shorts and t-shirt for me.


The view is beautiful from the rear of the restaurant. A rolling landscape to roll your eyes over. The early morning mist well-nigh cleared.


The steak is good, not top quality Wagyu, probably Thai-French, but easy to cut and digest. A handful of chips, fresh salad and steamed vegetables add colour and flavour.

hi-fine-steak-phu-rua-loei-04The Hi-Fine Steak Restaurant menu is limited not eclectic. Though what’s there is enough to fill the bill of a finicky family. Steak, as you’d expect, beefs up the menu. Click on the image to enlarge.

Spaghetti, macaroni, salad and mushroom soup are other Western menu foods. There’s some others too. Spaghetti with meat sauce and melted cheese is very good. Coffee, soft drinks, beer and wine are available.


The interior restaurant is highly polished. Smart, well furnished and spacey. We’ve not eaten inside, only taken a look-see. Eating outside has more appeal for me in Thailand. The restaurant is probably most used for coach parties and evening diners. The wine rack looks fuly stocked and ready to pop

Hine-Fine Steak Restaurant has a couple of resort style guest rooms for rent which no doubt are already booked for the end of year Phu Rua flower festival. That’s another source of income which possibly picks up the cheque during the restaurant’s quieter times.

All-in-all, the Hi-Fine Steak Restaurant is worth visiting if you are on the Loei-Dan Sai road and in need of a good, fair-priced meal. There’s plenty of car park space too.

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