Khaosoi Tai – Udon Thani Restaurant Review

khasoi tai udon thani

The Khaosoi Tai Restaurant used to be one of my favourite places to eat in Udon Thani. I wrote about the restaurant back in 2011. My regular visits there ceased in 2013 when the restaurant relocated  away from my ‘territory’. I’d been to the new restaurant only once before until Wonderful Wi and myself made a long-time-waiting trip to there again last week. I soon realized what I’d been missing. Khao soi is one my favourite foreign dishes. Possibly the favourite one.

I posted a short light-hearted review of the meal Wilai and I enjoyed at the Khaosoi Tai on Thailand Wine & Dine Facebook page. Rather than pen another write-up I’ve posted the review below.

Khaosoi Tai Restaurant Review

khaosoi restaurant udon thani

Khaosoi Restaurant, Udon Thani – Whenever I’m forced to venture away from western foods in Udon Thani, khao soi is my favourite dish to soothe the sores of no tomato sauce being allowed anywhere within acceptable sight. The signature dish of Chiang Mai – origins Burmese and Lao, the egg noodle curry soup really does rape my taste buds.

Chicken khao soi for me, beef for WW. A side plate of crispy battered taro corn and Chinese potato failed to get the bill near 200 baht. My large bottle of Beer Leo sorted that embarrassment out. The food arrived hot and rápido. Unlike the drum kit. Waste not want not, I used the drum sticks to manoeuvre the crunchy, slick-moving and slippery noodles onto my spoon.

Great meal, nice restaurant – eat inside or out, not too far from Udon Thani airport. Though not sure if my cover of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Moby Dick’ went down too well.


I rate the Khaosoi Tai as one of the best restaurants in Udon Thani and if you get a chance to visit there grab the opportunity with both chopsticks.

Khaosoi Tai restaurant opens every day from mid morning to mid afternoon. The restaurant is closed in the evening.

Khaosoi Tai Restaurant Udon Thani – Information & Map

Address: Phrom Prakai Rd, Chiang Phin, Mueang Udon Thani District, Udon Thani 41000, Thailand.

Tel:  081-1177733

khaosoi tai udon thani map

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