Thai Village Life – Buckets, Bins, Chairs and Crabs

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Thai Village Life – Bargain Buckets and Broad Smiles

The guy definitely had that look about him. Broad smile, confident stride and rapid-fire sales pitch. The type who could sell tulips to Amsterdam and tea bags to Starbucks. Wonderful Wi was in big trouble.

My wide-eyed, trusting and take-the-bait partner was about to be reeled in and sold something we already had or didn’t need. Wilai has about one gallon of assorted skin whitening creams, enough buckets to bail out a cruise ship and dark brown feet. A sale was brewing, and as the man approached our garden gate I’m sure his smile grew even wider.

I left Cinderella and Rockefeller to it.

‘Hus… band I buy something for you’.

My first thought as I approached the garden gate was ‘Jesus Christ. What’s she bought now’. My second, ‘If the sun breaks through the clouds I bet it melts by mid afternoon’.

It’s not often you see these travelling village salesmen twice. Once sold their trail goes cold. That’s probably being a bit unkind. Their wares are cheap, basic, come with no guarantee but do a job.

Wilai had bought a chair for 500 baht. I’d have valued his whole stock at less than that but this is Thailand and Cinderella and the ‘fella know best.

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They were right. Or at least somewhere near the button. It wasn’t one of those wobbly leg plastic chairs. The ones ‘large’ people avoid. It was plastic but solid enough, very comfortable and pink. Yes pink. Perhaps 100 baht overpriced but not a bad deal.

I’m not a sun worshipper but I do like to feel the rays at times. Sitting on the front porch is a perfect place to do that come mid afternoon. It also gives me a great view of the garden and whatever might be around.

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I spotted this black crab spacewalking across our driveway. Heading towards Wi’s som tum takeaway restaurant/sala. The crabs are often used when making som tum (spicy papaya salad). They are known as rice paddy crabs. Freshwater and found in rice fields. I think this one came from our garden pond. Luckily, the restaurant was closed that day so the crab earned a free pass.

Thai village life always has something interesting to see and my new pink chair is a very comfortable way to view whatever decides to show.

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