Samuay & Sons – Udon Thani Restaurant Review

samuay & sons udon thani

Wonderful Wi and I made a recent visit to Samuay & Sons Restaurant in Udon Thani city. The restaurant is  not the easiest place to find.  Samuay & Sons is on Phon Pisai Road, lookout for the red restaurant frontage sign shown in the photograph above.  When you see the sign, hit your brakes hard and burn rubber, because the restaurant is very much worth visiting. Worth losing a little tyre tread. The food is that good.

samuay & sons udon thani 01

Samuay & Sons Restaurant wears shallots, garlic cloves and red chillies on its sleeves for all to see. What you see is what you get at Samuay & Sons. The kitchen is open for all to view. You walk past the ‘cookhouse’ entering the restaurant. Nothing to hide there.  All local organic grown vegetables, meats and seafood are prepared and cooked within touching distance of the diners.

The menu has its roots set deep in Asia – fusion and popular dish themed. Easy on the wallet too. First-class presentation, economy rates and the business end is a menu mixed with sweet, sour, spicy, salty and bitter dishes. Soft drinks, hard drinks, wine and water. No seats belts or life jacket needed although the seats do remain upright.

samuay & sons udon thani 02

As the restaurant name suggests, Samuay & Sons is a family operated business. A very efficient one at that. Our food arrived in good time and the waitress (maybe  co-owner) was attentive throughout our meal without being obtrusive. The food was good, we all knew that, there was no need to remind each other.

My camera really struggles on close-up shots with low-level interior lighting. Below are photographs from a few of the dishes we ate. Some pictures didn’t make the light of day and there were very few close-up stills publishable. My apologies.

Samuay & Sons Restaurant Udon Thani – Summary

If you are a die-hard beef pie and mashed potato diner, don’t hit the brakes. On the other hand, if you get your kicks and licks from Thai and Vietnamese style dishes with lots of vegetables, herbs and spices, Samuay & Sons just might burn tread from your tyres at a price that won’t let your budget out the cage. Highly recommended.

Samuay & Sons Restaurant – Further information and map

Address: 133/25 Phon Phisai Road
Tel: 086 309 6685  –  083 056 3383
Open: Mon-Sun 11:00-21:30
Facebook: ซาหมวย & Sons

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