Thai Girls – Attitude and Latitude

Thai girls can be the most beautiful creatures on Earth sometimes. Strange animals other times too. You can usually see a sulk coming a mile off and it’s then wise to steer the situation and conversation in a different direction. Here’s an example.

Thai Girls – Wrong Attitude Bad Latitude

jamjuree hotel udon thani

We were in the city. Udon Thani city. Looking for Jamjuree Home the top-rated accommodation in Udon Thani. We’d booked a two-night stay there and were fast approaching the 2:00 pm check-in time. I know the city quite well but nowhere near as good as Wonderful Wi. I wasn’t familiar with the area where Jamjuree Home was pitched. She knew the neighbourhood better but up until that morning had no idea where the hotel was.

One hour before leaving our village home I’d shown Wi a Google map displaying the exact whereabouts of Jamjuree Home. She’d glanced at my laptop for about two seconds, maybe less, told me she knew where to go and then headed off to the garden. I was impressed and hadn’t realized map speed reading was one of my girl’s secret skills.

Benjang Road, that’s the address of Jamjuree Home. We turned into it one end and slowly drove three-quarters of its length scanning both sides of the road for the hotel. We couldn’t see it but hadn’t given up hope as we stopped at traffic lights. The lights turned green and Wi headed right into Phon Phisai Road.

google partner mug”Wi, this is Phon Phisai Road. The hotel is in Benjang Road.”

”No, is wrong. Hotel this road. Think I know where.” she muttered slightly steamily.

Well bugger me. Amazing Thailand and hold your horses. Udon Thani’s top-rated hotel had climbed to the crown of the tree by giving their guests the wrong address and still come out smelling of roses. Was Google Maps wrong? A dodo blinded by a pair of four-leaf clovers hitting our windscreen was a more likely thing.

”Turn the car around and go back to Benjang Road.” I slurped.

Good words. Wrong situation. The car tyres shredded rubber and before I knew it we were back on Benjang Road speeding along its last quarter length. No hotel.

”Not Benjang Road!” she yakkety yakked.

It was time to box clever because if I didn’t her attitude and latitude was going to cost me money coaxing her back to her customary fun-loving self.

”Wilai drive back down the road to the end. I’m sure the hotel is at one end of the road. That’s where it showed it on the map. If we can’t find it we can telephone. The number is on the booking receipt.”

Halfway down Benjang Road she suddenly took a left turn down a small width alley that almost scraped the vinyl off the car wing mirrors.

”WILAI….. Wi, this is Benjang Road Soi 1.” I shrieked and whispered in the same breath.

”Yes. Same as hotel.”

I eventually convinced her to turn the car around. How she accomplished that in such a narrow space I don’t know. Somehow she did and we were back on Benjang Road heading to its end. No hotel. She pulled over, grabbed her phone and the booking receipt from her handbag.

After sixty seconds of phone conversation of which I could make out little, Wilai spun her head half circle. My head mimicked hers. The hotel was over the road just behind us, 20 yards away. We turned to each other and smiled. Attitude and latitude diffused.

Thai girls. Strange and adorable creatures.

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I'm a sixty-year-old Englishman living in the town of Swindon in rural Wiltshire and I have a real deep desire to retire in Thailand one day. If you don't have a dream then you won't have a dream come true.

2 Responses

  1. Andy says:

    “It was time to box clever because if I didn’t her attitude and latitude was going to cost me money coaxing her back to her customary fun-loving self.”

    Love this bit, can totally relate.

  2. Martyn says:

    Cheers Andy. That’s cost me a few baht over the years.

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