Village Mystery Solved – Six and Two Threes

Thai garden with trees and plants

Village mystery solved. There’s a drainage pipe (circled above) at the bottom of the path that leads to our village house front door. I’ve always wondered what lurked inside there. I’ve visualized many things inside that hole. A snake being the most recurring one. A great big python about to grab me. Snakes frighten me big league. At times I’ve given the pipe opening a wide berth choosing to cut across the lawn. Not often, and only after dark.

thai dog sat in chairA few months ago Wonderful Wi bought me a chair. It was so I could sit outside our front door and soak up the afternoon sun or just chill in the morning shade that hangs there. I found myself sitting there a lot in the evenings too. That’s if Tang Moo hadn’t beaten me there first.

It was also the perfect spot to ponder the mystery of the hole. I think Tang Moo wondered too because I’d seen her put her nose inside it a few times. I wasn’t going to try that.

The Big Village Mystery Gets a Hole Lot Deeper

One evening during the recent Christmas period I was sat outside the front door enjoying a drink. As always, my mind and eyes eventually focused on the pipe opening. I froze, jerked and spasmed at the same moment. That’s not easy to do or recommended. There was something at the entrance to the hole.

thai toad in a hole

My first thought was snake. I grabbed my camera. There was definitely a snake shape head produding from the pipe opening.

I gingerly approached the hole. To be honest, the approach was more of a Jack Daniel’s & Ginger Ale advance than a reluctant, timid one. I’d had a few. If sat on the chair sober, my knees would have hit my chin. Half cut, I was ready to punch the python’s lights straight out. Or at the very least get within six-foot of it. Alas, before I could get too near, the ‘thing’ disappeared. Viewing the photograph later that night I had a good idea what the ‘thing’ was.

The Big Village Mystery Solved

The next evening I camped outside the front door on the chair. Camera at the ready. I was well ‘gingered’ and up for it. I was sure the big village mystery would be solved that night. It was.

six thai toads in a hole

Six of the buggers. Toads. A whole family and one of them may be the famous Smoking Toad who appeared inside our living room a few years back. That one gave the winning Thai Lottery two digit number, albeit two draws later.

The big village mystery was solved and I had the peace of mind to know that snakes and toads don’t play house together.

The Big Village Mystery – Conclusion

633 is a sure-fire winner in the next Thai National Lottery draw and remember Beyond The Mango Juice ‘toad’ you first.

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I'm a sixty-year-old Englishman living in the town of Swindon in rural Wiltshire and I have a real deep desire to retire in Thailand one day. If you don't have a dream then you won't have a dream come true.

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