The Coffee House in Ban Dung, Udon Thani

coffee house ban dung thailand

The Coffee House in rural Ban Dung is a new addition to the sleepy town’s collection of bars and restaurants. An impressive addition it is too. The Coffee House is a fine-looking wood structured coffee shop/restaurant that wouldn’t look out-of-place in a mountain top ski resort. It whistles most dandy too sat handsomely in the brutal heat of Udon Thani Province.

Coffee House, Bang Dung, Udon Thani Province

coffee shop ban dung udon thani

Hosts Arden and Joy opened the Coffee House earlier this year (2016), realising Arden’s wish to offer Ban Dung’s residents and expats an alternative take-it-easy house to sip coffee, enjoy a beer and good-value food.

coffee house drinks listThe timing of my visit to the Coffee House coincided with the last stages of the new kitchen build. The restaurant service was mere days away, but unfortunately for me, the kitchen, like the menu, was still work in motion. Arden and Joy’s idea being a menu simple in its make-up, popular European and Thai food hogging the headlines.

On offer throughout my visit were a choice of coffee, cold beers, spirits, wine, softies and packaged snacks. The first two plentiful for me. Modest prices. No room for complaint.

Looking forward to trying something from the food menu on my next visit – that trip’s now visible on the horizon.

The Coffee House has a steady flow of customers, Thais and westerners. A few expats arrived during my safari there—locals giving liquid support to Arden and Joy’s new venture. The locals’ endorsement and pastoral wood design dovetail to suggest the business has a bright future.

Coffee House, Ban Dung – Summary & Map

The coffee shop/restaurant has an excellent homey, deckhouse design. Drinks comfortably priced. Will update on the food menu after my next trip. Fan cooled, portable air-con unit too. Car parking on the street out front – the soi a quiet, chill-out zone. Easy walking distance from Ban Dung bus station and Pin’s Cafe nearer still. Recommended.

coffee house ban dung map 01

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