Quail Eat Again Some Sunny Day


fried quail eggs thailand

Quail eggs are small and you need a few to make an egg sandwich. Alternatively, you can crack ten into a frying pan, let them sizzle and eat them standalone. Sunnyside up on a sunny day. Thailand’s the perfect host for that.

Quail, Bantam, Guinea and Reds

chicken farm thailand

Wonderful Wi’s chicken farmhouses, not sure if houses is a befitting word, see picture above, quail, guinea fowl, Japanese bantam and Rhode Island Reds. The different breeds have their own separate shanty in the refugee camp. The chicken farm is basic at best and a wise old owl might beg inoculation, sedation and intoxication before entering the compound. Nonetheless, the chicken farm does produce a lot of eggs to eat and to hatch.

thai quail eggs

The basket has quail, Rhode Island Red and common Thai chicken eggs. The Rhode Island Red and quail eggs are definitely my favourite ones. It’s believed by some that quail eggs stimulate growth, reduce blood pressure and cleanse the body. They have many other supposed benefits which you can read about here.

thai chicken farm 01

I wrote about the dawn of Wilai’s chicken farm way back in June 2014 – Nong Khai to Ban Na Nam Chum – Booze, Birds and Boats. Since then, I’ve written a series of posts on the subject that have chronicled the changes to the farm. They include the acquisition and devastation of some of the chickens and birds. As well as the build and expansion of the farm.

Livelihood or Labor of Love?

All-in-all, 50-60 birds are now quartered within the farm, plus, 20-30 free-range common Thai chickens. A chicken or bird sells every now and again. Chicks and keets (young guinea fowl) sold too. Bottom line revenue that’s topped up with the sale of eggs.

The sale of eggs do not add much to the revenue stream but every little helps – 7 large eggs ‘coop’ 20 baht and 25 quail eggs sell for the same price. 

The chicken farm is slowly striding forwards and out the woods, but for now, it’s more a pay for hobby than a money-making business.

Sleep easy KFC.

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