Papa Farang’s Hansa Village Clubhouse Udon Thani

papa farang's hansa club

Papa Farang’s new bakery is in Hansa Village, Udon Thani, and it is a refreshing sight. As fresh as the bread, pies and pasties sold there. Check out the top photograph and the ceiling decoration, I think it looks terrific. Furthermore, Papa’s new premises and stylish look are accompanied by the same baked goodies and prices. There is a name change too – Hansa Village Clubhouse.

I took my first trip out to Hansa Village to restock on pies and pasties. That, and a slice of curiosity. I wanted to check out Papa Farang’s new premises. I’d heard and read so many positive things about it.

Hansa Village Clubhouse Udon Thani

hansa village clubhouse udon

Dean Stevens, aka Papa Farang, has always delivered an impressive range of bakery goodies on homely, feel at ease turf. The Hansa Village Clubhouse appeared to be just that and more. 

The interior is sharp, peacocky and homely. Striking, not too strong a word. Looks good from the outside and well-proper on the inner. Much like Papa Farang’s pies and pasties.

hansa village clubhouse pasties

Standard size pies and pasties are 75 baht each (January 2019). Standard falling very much on the large size. The above photograph proves that and as a result, the in-house baked bread, pies, pasties, and other goodies sell like ‘hot cakes’. Some of those other goodies include sausage rolls, pork pies, cottage pie, Indian curries and fruit pies. All subject to availability on the day.

The clubhouse has bar and restaurant facilities, although I believe there is no set food menu. The exception to that being ‘Saturday Steak Day’. Dean advertises meal specials via social media.  

In short, if you like pies and pasties or melted cheese on thick slices of toast, the Hansa Village Clubhouse is the perfect place to lay your hat. If you do, don’t forget to check out that eye-catching ceiling decoration. 

How to Get There – Map

Enter Hansa Village, and the clubhouse is about 200 yards straight ahead on the right-hand side. Click on the map to enlarge.

map hansa village clubhouse


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