2 Brothers Café Sang Khom – Review

Outside view of the 2 Brothers Café Sang Khom

When I departed Thailand in January this year, the 2 Brothers Café in Sang Khom District, Udon Thani Province, had recently closed for business. The owner was going to Chiang Rai for an extended time, and I was aware they had been trying to sell the business premises.

Since returning to the UK, I’ve often asked Wilai if the café was open. The answer was always negative. Then this week, my question returned a positive response. 2 Brothers Café had reopened. That made me most pleased.

2 Brothers Café in Sang Khom

Interior of the 2 Brothers Café Sang Khom

In my opinion, the 2 Brothers Café is a much-needed social venue in Sang Khom. There is little else to rival it, and although I’ve yet to see the café/bar overrun with customers, I’m sure 2 Brothers has busy times. My rare visits always limited to daytime and early evening. 

The interior is up-to-the-minute trendy with plenty of seating and legroom. To a trained eye, the furnishings look slightly tired, but the blurred and bleary will probably never notice. I’m surprised I did!

All types of drinks sold – coffee, soft drinks, beer, whiskey, et al., and the food menu is mainstream Thai. As I see it, the pricing is excellent value for money. There is a VIP area in one corner of the restaurant for customers who desire more privacy. Service is leisurely and well-mannered. The restaurant is air-con.

The menu was Thai themed(on my last visit), no surprise there, however, some Thai/Western options were available – omelette, French fries – all at float your boat prices. The restaurant is a non-smoking area.

The café has outside seating and toilets at the rear of the building. Car parking space is widely available too. As always, when visiting rural areas of Thailand use mosquito repellant on all parts of exposed skin. 

Summary & Map

In brief, 2 Brothers Café is excellent value for money, and the café/bar is easy-on-the-eye. Well worth a visit and more so if twinned with a trip to Sang Khom District’s Nam Pan Lake. Open mid-morning to the late evening, Monday – Sunday. Check out the map below.


I'm a sixty-year-old Englishman living in the town of Swindon in rural Wiltshire and I have a real deep desire to retire in Thailand one day. If you don't have a dream then you won't have a dream come true.

2 Responses

  1. Doug Carey says:

    Crikey Martyn; on a very wet Saturday; nothing to do but browse the net; I was stunned to find a mention of Sang Khom; and my favourite restaurant.
    I’m 80 and have lived in Sang Khom about 13 years now. We call the restaurant 2 Sisters as we know the new lady from before. Her sister is an interior designer (hence the decor) who obviously works “away” but stays and works at the family home when back here. They originally had a small restaurant set up in front of their house; which is how we know them.
    We now eat at the new set up regularly. Last night I had Thai yellow curry sea food; my (Thai) wife had pork steak and chips!!

  2. Martyn says:

    Doug, thanks for your comment and the interesting background to it. That fills more of the jigsaw for me.

    I’m currently working in the UK and obviously unable to visit Thailand at the moment. When the restrictions lift (could be a while) I will be in Sang Khom District throughout my stay. Hopefully we can catch up at the 2 Brothers/Sisters Cafe.

    Thanks for the read and comment.

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