Thai Ice Cream – Roll Out the Bread Tubby

Thai ice cream in a bread roll

In all, this will be my third post about Thai ice cream. I stumbled on two photographs I hadn’t posted on Beyond the Mango Juice before and thought they deserve publishing. To my knowledge, they are un-aired pictures, and I thought it best to let others run their tongue over them.

Village Style Ice Cream – Yummy

Thai ice cream in a tub

Are there many things better than ice cream on a hot day. There might be some things, but not too many. Village style ice cream’s best served in a sweet-bread sandwich, roll or bun (ไอติมขนมปัง i-dtim kà-nŏm bpang), or with a slice of sweet-bread in a tub, all four ways taste delicious. A double scoop of ice cream and toppings in a cone or cup wafer is another option.

There are so many varieties of toppings and fillers – sweet sticky rice, peanuts, syrup, milk, green noodles and flaked coconut are some. Sweetened bread, buns and rolls, sandwich the ice cream and toppings.

The traditional way to make Thai ice cream is with coconut milk, but nowadays street peddlers and market stall vendors blend coconut milk, cornflour, sugar and flavouring to fill the bill. In Thailand’s rural pastures, the tab will not add up to much. 

School’s Out For Summer

A Thai ice cream sandwich

A street-wise street vendor knows the best places to pitch and sell, and the best times to do it as well. For ice cream vendors, the end of a school day is the perfect time and place to be. What kid doesn’t like ice cream?

The vendors tend to stop-off in villages before and after school. Bells, horns and jingly music are excellent bait for adults too. There’s always enough sweet tooth grown-ups here and there. I have often been in the ice-cream queue. Haven’t we all?

ice cream served on sweet bread

It’s poll time. Now’s your chance to cast your vote about which type of Thai style ice cream you prefer. 

Click your pick before you lick the photographs.


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