Walking Street, Oil and a Daughter

Walking Street in Nong Khai

The last post on Beyond the Mango Juice was a long way back. August 9, 2020 to be exact. This entry is not a lengthy one, more so, the post is purely to oil the cogs, get myself back on the bike, and get the wheels revolving once more.

Walking Street, Nong Khai

No hookers, not many onlookers and no wonder. Thailand is now in the throes of Covid-19 recovery, and its boardwalks are not too battered by tourists. There are very few tourists about in fact.

Nong Khai’s Walking Street overlooks the Mekong River and is very much in the early development years . Walking Street backs onto the Tha Sadet Indo-Chinese market. The street has a large mix of shops, cafes and gift shops. Hookers are unwelcome. During our daytime trip the entire walkway appeared locked-up and deserted. Maybe that changes at night, but Nong Khai’s bare sprinkling of backpackers and tourists makes me think not. Most of Tha Sadet’s market stalls were business as usual, but foot traffic was low-key. That said, none of the above dulled the shine from our visit there.

Lisa, Sweetheart, Daughter

Lisa is a much-loved addition to Wilai and myself and reshuffles our status to family. We are both proud of that change in circumstances.  Our daughter (kind of adopted) is now one year-old, she celebrated her first birthday last month. 

Thus far, our beautiful babe can convey a few words, express plenty of feelings, and walk in a haphazard, helter-skelter kind of way. All-in all, Wiali and I are very happy with her progress and character. Lisa didn’t get to walk Walking Street because that came about two weeks too soon. She was still crawling and learning to take a couple of tentative steps back then.

Wilai is the wonderful mother I knew she would be, and I have no doubt that mother and daughter will share lots of love, fun and happiness over the coming years. I just need to haggle for my share of that too. That is not going to be easy.

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