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Bangkok Cowboy Book Review

Bangkok Cowboy is a newly released crime thriller written by Ron McMillan, author of the widely acclaimed paperback Yin Yang Tattoo. McMillan’s latest offering delves deep into the dark underbelly of Bangkok’s sex industry and the steamy and seamy undesirables who lurk there. It’s a fast-moving, action-packed thriller with a clever and well pieced together plot. The...

Thai University Uniforms – The Ladyboys of Bangkok

Thai University Uniforms – The Ladyboys of Bangkok

I’ll warn you now. This post is not for the kind of person who is strait-laced, prudish, puritanical or easily disgusted. If the gay movie Philadelphia made you nauseous and sick, then look away now, because this post could leave you feeling altogether limp and a bit ‘queer’. It’s all about...

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