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20 baht shop udon thani

OK 20 Baht Shop Sang Khom

OK 20 baht shop in Sang Khom, Udon Thani is a place I like to look around every now and then. Most things at the shop are priced at a bargain bucket 20 baht and there’s some good value goodies among the shop’s considerable array of items. The United Kingdom along...

nam pan lake sang khom

Nam Pan Lake – Sang Khom’s Pride and Joy

Nam Pan Lake, one of Udon Thani’s best attractions is in Sang Khom District. It’s only recently that the town of Sang Khom has had a makeover. For years and beyond, Sang Khom was very much a one-horse town. Certainly from a foreigner/tourist point of view. It still is, but...

sang khom market day

Sang Khom Udon Thani – One Horse and No 7-Eleven

Sang Khom in Udon Thani Province is a typical small Thai rural town. It’s not to be confused with Sang Khom in Nong Khai Province – the latter nestles on the banks of the Mekong River with a splash of tourist appeal. Udon Thani’s Sang Khom sits among rice fields and is a...

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