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Thai ice cream in a bread roll

Thai Ice Cream – Roll Out the Bread Tubby

In all, this will be my third post about Thai ice cream. I stumbled on two photographs I hadn’t posted on Beyond the Mango Juice before and thought they deserve publishing. To my knowledge, they are un-aired pictures, and I thought it best to let others run their tongue over...

fractured and part collapsed bridge

Water Under Troubled Bridges

Thou Shalt Not Pass This post – Water Under Troubled Bridges – stretches my memory back to late December 2019. Just over five months ago. Wilai and I were returning from Loei where we’d stayed two nights. The purpose of the trip was to visit Phu Rua Flower Festival and...

winter wonderland udon thani

Winter Wonderland – Gift Wrapped Shut-Eye

Udon Thani is the ideal winter wonderland. Temperatures are generally 25-30°C during the day dipping to low 20’s at night, though often lower during extreme cold spells. Humidity, not an issue. An ideal climate for most people and without fail perfect for me. The weather and temperature undoubtedly help with...

thai quail eggs

Quail Eat Again Some Sunny Day

  Quail eggs are small and you need a few to make an egg sandwich. Alternatively, you can crack ten into a frying pan, let them sizzle and eat them standalone. Sunnyside up on a sunny day. Thailand’s the perfect host for that. Quail, Bantam, Guinea and Reds Wonderful Wi’s...

thai bird farm chicks

Bird Farm Update – Refugee or KFC

This bird farm update is my first post in a long while. The last one over four months ago. A mix of work, lack of will to write and alcohol are the main reasons for that prolonged absence. Hopefully, this post will kickstart Beyond the Mango Juice back to life....

big thai jungle mushrooms

Thai Jungle Mushrooms

Thai Jungle Mushrooms – No Magic Involved These huge Thai jungle mushrooms were hand-picked by one of the locals from Wonderful Wi’s village in Udon Thani Province. There is no magic or hallucinations attached to them. Just lovely, edible mushrooms. I’m not sure which type they are – possibly shiitake (het hom / เห็ดหอม)...

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