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Thai man bombed lao khao whiskey

My Top 5 Favourite Posts

Most people like Top 5 posts. There’s so much variety to them. Top 5 favourite foods, actors, holiday destinations, songs, books and whatever, whoever and more, the topics are endless. So, what else to do? I’ve put together my Top 5 favourite Beyond the Mango Juice posts. I do realise...

Beach Therapy Thai Village Style

Beach Therapy – In Desperate Need Many of you are probably in need of some beach therapy right now. Worldwide, COVID-19 has grounded aircraft, drop-kicked suntan cream into the 2 for one basket, and catapulted tourism back to the ice-age. Where and when is it all going to end? Because...

Thai ice cream in a bread roll

Thai Ice Cream – Roll Out the Bread Tubby

In all, this will be my third post about Thai ice cream. I stumbled on two photographs I hadn’t posted on Beyond the Mango Juice before and thought they deserve publishing. To my knowledge, they are un-aired pictures, and I thought it best to let others run their tongue over...

View of the Be Cool Boutique, Phu Rua, Loei

Be Cool Boutique Hotel Phu Rua Loei

Be Cool Boutique Hotel – Once Found Never Forgotten The Be Cool Boutique Hotel in Phu Rua, Loei Province, is not the easiest place to find but once found you’ll probably wish you’d booked to stay longer. Serene, relaxed and free-and-easy are good ways to describe a hotel boasting stylish...

fractured and part collapsed bridge

Water Under Troubled Bridges

Thou Shalt Not Pass This post – Water Under Troubled Bridges – stretches my memory back to late December 2019. Just over five months ago. Wilai and I were returning from Loei where we’d stayed two nights. The purpose of the trip was to visit Phu Rua Flower Festival and...

Four Thai cane baskets side by side

Thai Cane Baskets – Perfect For Me

Thai Cane Baskets – Bargain Hunting I decided I needed some Thai cane baskets and knew just the place to buy them. Nothing too big, just large enough for a good-size portion of chips and two or three sausages. Hot snack baskets were what I wanted and Tha Sadet Indo-China...

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