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Four Thai cane baskets side by side

Thai Cane Baskets – Perfect For Me

Thai Cane Baskets – Bargain Hunting I decided I needed some Thai cane baskets and knew just the place to buy them. Nothing too big, just large enough for a good-size portion of chips and two or three sausages. Hot snack baskets were what I wanted and Tha Sadet Indo-China...

View of a Thai garden coffee shop

Garden Coffee Shop Gets a Face-Lift

The garden coffee shop has undergone a pull and face-lift. A tug and makeover. I was at our village home to see the start of the project but returned to the UK before completion. Covid-19 and all that entails means I won’t be able to enjoy the homey, modest comforts...

owl thailand

The Owl and the Mushroom Hat

I have no recollection of ever seeing a Thai owl before. Perhaps I should have been more of a night owl myself. Nocturnal, mostly singular, binocular vision and a bird of prey. Doesn’t sound much like me. A Thai Owl and a Facekini The rainy season is here and for...

Green is a Mean Colour

It’s been a while. A long time coming. Nonetheless, 11 months on, Beyond the Mango Juice returns with a laid-back, cosy post – Green is a mean colour. I’ve meant to put a post together for some time now but life and all its highs and lows got in the...

lee dear shih-tzu

Lee Dear or Not Lee Dear That is the Question

  Lee Dear is Wilai’s new shih-tzu puppy dog. The fluffy puppy was bought from a breeders kennel in Bangkok and flown to Udon Thani airport. Wilai was patiently waiting to greet her. By all accounts, she’s settled down well at her new village home. That’s good, what’s bad is,...

sala keo kou sculpture park nong khai

Sala Keo Kou Sculpture Park Revisted

I wrote about Sala Keo Kou Sculpture Park back in 2009. That was my first visit there, and I’ve been back a few times since. The most recent one being January this year. Not a lot has changed since 2009 – entrance is still 20 THB, and Nong Khai’s sculpture park...

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