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Pattaya – A Stranger Comes to Town

It had been two years since I’d last journeyed to Thailand’s wild child resort Pattaya. I’d heard the girl had changed. Pattaya still sits seductively on the Gulf of Thailand’s east coast with her micro skirt billowing in the sea breeze. Her muscular, deep-tanned thighs and cheap market underwear exposed...

Thailand’s Wild Child Resort – Pattaya

Thailand’s Wild Child Resort – Pattaya

PATTAYA – Many tourists think Thailand’s sin city, wild child resort, Pattaya, is so good they should have named it twice, but there are critics, who argue Pattaya’s lights should have been turned off years ago and its keys buried deep in its modest-looking sand. But Pattaya is Pattaya, and she’s very averse...

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