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Nightlife in Udon Thani – Bars and Clubs

Anyone who steps outside of Thailand’s tourist brochure for the first time and hops on a plane, train or bald-tyre bus to one of the country’s provincial cities are probably surprised their lemming-style leap has a soft, cushy landing and not a loud, dull thump. Thailand’s major cities have both quality and...

Udon Thani’s Best Bars – The Irish Clock

Udon Thani’s Best Bars – The Irish Clock

The Irish Clock in Udon Thani – There cannot be many bars or restaurants in Thailand’s northeastern region of Isaan which could be plucked from their humble surroundings and placed into western suburbia without their modest, or down-at-heel look, causing a distasteful backward glance from passers-by on the gold paved streets...

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