Udon Thani Nightlife


Udon Thani has an excellent nightlife scene. The area between Central Plaza and the train station on Prajak Road has plenty of bars, two multi-bar complexes, lots of restaurants and two huge night markets. There are other nightlife venues dotted around the city. Click on the links below to read reviews on some of the best Udon Thani nightlife and daytime bars, clubs and restaurants.

Udon Thani Nightlife – Links & Reviews

Nightlife in Udon Thani – Bars and Nightclubs – An overview of the best nightlife bars and clubs in Udon Thani. If you want live music, to dance or to chat to bar girls this review is a good starter for you.

Thai Bar Girls and Ladyboys in Udon Thani – A look at some of the best bars and late-night music spots to meet bar girls and ladyboys in Udon Thani.

day-and-night-bars-udon-thani-nightlifeSoi Sampanthamit in Udon Thani – A review of some of the best hotels, restaurants and bars in Udon Thani’s nightlife friendly Soi Sampanthamit.

Udon Thani’s Best Bars – The Irish Clock – My review of Udon Thani’s best-known bar which has excellent accommodation, fine food, live music, and is in the heart of Udon Thani’s nightlife area.

Udon Thani’s Best Bars – Fuzzy Ken’s – My review of what I consider to be one of the very best bars in Udon Thani.

Udon Thani’s Nutty Park – A collection of 20 to 30 western bars all housed in the same contained area not far from Udon Thani train station and in the middle of the city’s main nightlife area.

Best Bars in Udon Thani- Up2u Bar – The Up2u bar (now Good Corner Restaurant) has a value for money menu, friendly atmosphere. It is in the middle of Udon Thani’s nightlife area, making it one of the best bars to start your evening’s fun in Udon Thani.

Harmony Restaurant and Bar in Udon Thani – The Harmony Restaurant and Bar specializes in Bavarian meals and beer and is perfect for anyone wanting authentic German food in Udon Thani. The restaurant is on Adunyadet Road, about a ten-minute walk from Central Plaza.

Udon TAP Taste House – Imported Beers in Udon Thani – Udon TAP Taste House is Udon Thani’s international bright young thing. Udon Tap is an import beer and ales taste house, restaurant and retailer. The Tap stocks over 150 imported beers, ales and ciders. Top-quality food is available too.

Los Amigos Tex Mex Bar & Grill – Los Amigos Bar in Udon Thani specializes in Tex-Mex food, and the Cantina style bar is one of the most popular places to eat and drink in the city. It’s a bit out of the way but is worth a visit. Live sport screened too.

Udon Thani – Shake It and Wake It – An overview of things to do in Udon Thani and a little about its night-time activities.

Udon Thani’s Night Market Scene – A look at Udon Thani’s Centrepoint night market, which is one of my favourite places in the city. It’s a big market with a real buzz about it.

Western Bars in Ban Dung, Udon Thani – Ban Dung has three excellent western bars and all three, Eddie’s Sports Bar, Igloo’s Bar and Gary’s Bar are popular with ex-pats in Ban Dung District.

The Happy Buddha Bar in Ban Dung – If you are ever in Ban Dung District, the Happy Buddha Bar & Restaurant is well worth a visit. Owner Peter Fitzgerald is a sound host and will cook you just about anything you want. (Update – now closed)

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